Garrett Billings

I am Garrett (Gare), the voice behind @gareindeedreads. My story is simple; I love to read and I love movies. I love to watch movies based on the books I’ve read. Growing up, I’d always been an avid reader and then life sort of got in the way. Classes required more time and attention, I started working in the real world, my group of friends changed and grew significantly, etc. All of these life changes affected my reading game, but I’ve always made time for a good book. Cue a few (maybe a lot, but who’s counting?) years later and I’ve finally found a good balance between work, social life, and reading. I started my blog a little over a year ago and have been reading blisteringly ever since. Casting who I think would make great characters in the books I read is my game and I love sharing my passion for movies and books with the world.

best thrillers of 2018

The best thrillers of 2018

Thrillers have made a definite mark on the book world in 2018 and when it…


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