Kylie Jenner recently shared on her Instagram the books that she reads to her new baby, Stormi. If these children’s books are good enough for the makeup mogul, we think the children in your life will love them also.

Princesses Wear Pants by Savannah Guthrie and Allison Openheim

Princess Penelope Pineapple knows that being a princess means more than just being beautiful. Penelope changes her outfits to match her job of the day, and is a big fan of wearing pants. But not everyone thinks princesses should wear pants and Penelope will have to prove that girls are just as powerful in pants as they are in dresses.

Mary Had a Little Glam by Tammi Sauer

This 2016 children’s book takes a new twist on the classic Mother Goose tale. An ode to all the fun that comes along with fashion, Mary Had a Little Glam tells the story of fashionable children and their adventurous young lives.

I Love You More and More by Nicky Benson

Bear and her cub explore the depths of love in one of Kylie’s favorite reads. As mother bear explains what love is to her cub, the two come to realize that as much as they love nature around them, the bond between them will always be stronger.

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

Lilly loves everything about school, including her teacher, Mr. Slinger. But when he confiscates her purple plastic purse that contains all her prize possessions, she is furious. Lilly seeks revenge and then realizes she’s made a mistake and learns the true power of remorse and the importance of “I’m sorry.”

Everything Is Mama by Jimmy Fallon

In Jimmy Fallon’s follow-up to his first children’s book Dada, different animal mothers attempt to teach their babies that there are more words than just MAMA. This delightful read is a witty and charming book for mothers and their children.