If you have given in to downloading TikTok, you probably know that TikTok has different “sides,” ranging from Alt TikTok to Baking TikTok. BookTok is a notable section that has grown steadily during COVID-19. Influencers in the BookTok community share their love for reading by creating memes and recommending books to their viewers.

Here are some of the best influencers on BookTok that you should follow in 2021.

Cait Jacobs (@caitbooks)

Cait’s account is filled with videos of tours of her extensive book collection, suggestions for her favorite books, and reviews for the new books she has read during the year. She created The Bookington Book Club, a club that meets once a month to discuss a book that was voted on to read. Recently, she has made videos recounting various book community controversies and they are definitely worth a watch!

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Jaysen Headley (@ezeekat)

Jaysen is an author, blogger, Disney lover, board game collector, AND BookTokker. His videos focus on offering book suggestions, tips on diversifying your bookshelf, and sharing funny stories and reactions about the books he has read. Jaysen primarily reads fantasy novels and YA.

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Abby Parker (@abbysbooks)

This twenty-one-year-old BookTokker from the United Kingdom provides hilarious content and POVs that most bookworms can relate to. Abby’s profile also contains weekly wrap-up videos, where she will give her opinions and reviews of the books she read for that week. If you are a fan of bookish jokes and fantasy and dystopian book recommendations, then this profile is for you!

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Kevin Tyler Norman (@kevintnorman)

Kevin is a gay Latinx BookTokker who recommends LGBTQ+ books to viewers. His recommendations range from all different genres, from thriller to poetry. Kevin has also recently published his debut poetry collection, Shelter.

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Ayman Chaudhary (@aymancbooks)

This BookTokker has recently been featured on V.E. Schwab’s Instagram story for her book review videos about Schwab’s most recent book, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. Ayman’s profile mainly features book hauls, recommendations for her viewers, and tips on diversifying your bookshelf. She also makes hilarious videos about books she has recently read.

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Camille Yvonne (@the.ones.about.books)

By using popular TikTok songs and trends, Camille suggests books and creates memes about different popular series on TikTok. Her profile is perfect for anyone who wants to have a good laugh while also learning about books they may not have heard about before!

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Maggie Scilliano (@maggiemaebereading)

Maggie calls herself “Jennifer L. Armentrout’s #1 Hype Girl” in her bio, and she does not let us down! Her videos are about her recommendations and reactions to books she has read, as well as multiple TikToks about the correct order to read JLA’s multiple books. If you are looking for fantasy and romance book recommendations, this is the account for you.

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Jenna (@jennaslitpics)

Jenna’s videos mainly consist of weekly reviews, tips on keeping reading goals, and shopping trips. While she mainly reads fantasy, she offers plenty of book recommendations from different genres as well. Her account is perfect if you need more books to add to your TBR!

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Sydney Blanchard (@sydeneyyybean)

Sydney’s profile is perfect if you want a wide range of book genre recommendations! She makes videos about underrated books, reading recommendations based on moods, and tips on getting out of a book slump.

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Jacob Demlow (@a.veryqueerbookclub)

Jacob takes an extremely creative and fun approach to recommend books! His account is geared towards suggesting LGBTQ+ books and has posted recommendations based on different masks and book spine colors. Definitely check out his profile if you are wanting to find more LGBTQ+ books to add to your bookshelf!

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