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We do everything online these days, so why not use the world wide web to date, too? With so many singles turning to apps to find connections, it can be challenging to figure out how to get through the maze of matches. Whether you’re looking for advice or just a good laugh, you’ll want to swipe right on all of these relatable reads.

Ghosted and Breadcrumbed by Marni Feuerman

As if dating these days wasn’t hard enough, now there’s a whole new set of vocabulary words that go along with it. Instead of turning to a dictionary, crack this book open to not only learn what these new terms mean but more importantly, how to avoid experiencing them altogether. This book provides a practical approach based on science, attachment theory, and Marni’s own clinical experience that will steer you away from repeating those painful patterns. With its real-life examples and useful advice, Ghosted and Breadcrumbed is a must-read for all of the singles out there.

Matched by Karen Weinstock

After her fourteen-year marriage dissolved, Karen Weinstock was on a mission to find her true soulmate. When she dove headfirst into online dating, she quickly discovered that she was swimming in a pool filled with inauthenticity. Knowing that there must be a better way, Karen took what she learned from years of marriage counseling and combined it with her business sense to create a formula to help weed out the phonies. She will show you how to start boosting your chances of finding the right partner, quickly sorting through incompatibility, and screening everything in between.

Just Send the Text by Candice Jalili

Dating in the digital age is challenging all on its own but when it’s coupled with negative self-talk, you’ve just created a more complicated obstacle course to navigate through. Candice Jalili knows a thing or two about relationships and she’s here to help clear the path. She’ll provide you with tips and tricks to step into your power, banish insecurities, and change your attitude about dating apps. Packed with mind-blowing statistics, interviews with strong women, and even visual aids, this book will open your eyes to the possibility of finding love in this virtual world.

Done with Dating: 7 Steps to Finding Your Person by Samantha Burns

It’s time to start dating like it’s a job and this book will show you how. With all of the apps, dating sites, and endless swiping, sometimes it feels like finding your person is nearly impossible. However, author Samantha Burns wants you to stay the course, just clear out the clutter. Her approach includes easy-to-follow step-by-step advice that puts you in the driver’s seat while boosting your self-confidence. You’ll learn how to work through challenges, deal with blockages head-on, and letting go of situationships that will never turn long-term.

Don’t Believe the Swipe by Mandy Hale

If you equate swiping with self-esteem, then this is the book for you. The landscape of dating has changed so much in the last few years, that it can be hard to keep up. When you base your worth on followers, filters, and friends lists, it’s no surprise that dating in the digital age could do a number on your self-confidence. This easy-to-read guide to dating takes a humorous approach for all of those that are relationship-challenged, and it will teach you how to love yourself above all else. Regardless of who swipes left or right, it won’t matter because you’ll learn to always say yes to yourself first.

Texting With the Enemy by Marika Ray & Delancey Stewart

El Watson was ready for a change at work, but when her grouchy manager didn’t take her seriously, she was infuriated. So when a sales job at a local winery fell into her lap while attending a wine festival, she gladly accepted the opportunity. Her good luck followed her to the dance floor, and when Boston gave El his number, she was on cloud nine. Little did she know she was actually texting with Chad, her old boss, and that his mom was the owner of the winery. As this romance starts to heat up, someone is about to get burned when the truth behind the texts is revealed.

Love Bytes by Melanie Jacobson

Even though Addison is a bit of a bridezilla, maid of honor Jessica is willing to put up with her antics to make sure that her bestie’s special day is one she’ll never forget. It also doesn’t hurt that the wedding is in Hawaii and that she has a little help from the best man. Although Dallen and Jessica have only communicated through text and online chatting, talking to him is easy-breezy, and Jessica is hoping for an island romance herself. But when Jessica learns that Dallen is into dating supermodel types, she starts to worry that their internet connection might be stronger than it is face-to-face.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

When Millie and her male colleagues are invited to attend a formal gala, they all make a pact to find plus-ones through online dating. But soon after they all agreed, Millie and one of her co-workers shared a secret steamy night together. Deciding that they are better off as friends, they go back to the task at hand and try to secure dates on the internet. With Millie having no luck while the guys are matching left and right, she decides to create a new profile as “Catherine,” and instantly connects with Reid – her friendly hook-up from work. Can Millie make her way out of this cyber mess before it’s too late?

How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway 

After working long days with tech nerds at Hatch, the last thing Mel wants to do is spend her nights with the deadbeat dudes she’s been meeting on the dating app Fluttr. To take matters into her own hands, she decides to put her programming skills to good use and create her own app…with a twist. Unlike traditional dating sites, JerkAlert was designed to call out all the catfish and ghosts. Much to Mel’s surprise, the app blows up just as she’s starting to canoodle with the one nice guy from work. Mel must decide if she should come clean or keep her side hustle top secret and risk losing it all.

The Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating by Emma Hart

Tori is feeling singled out since all of her friends have secured significant others. She’s determined to find a partner and to do it fast. One sure-fire way to meet her match is to immerse herself into online dating. The idea sounds great; you can filter out the duds, find someone geographically desirable, and weed out the ones with subpar texting skills. The only problem is she’s already got a man…kind of. What started as a secret casual fling with her best friend’s brother has now turned into full-blown feelings for Tori. Sooner or later, she’ll have to come clean to her crush or break her own heart by cutting it off.