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There is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t understand the difficulty of the year 2020. Many are facing the same challenges in 2021. We need some joy in our lives right now (socially distanced joy friends) and I’m hoping these books instill you with a sense of pride, of heritage in our community, and help you celebrate the amazing thing that is life in all its shades and spectrums.

Pride: 50 years of Parades and Protests by The New York Times

It’s almost summertime, folks. And it’s this time of year that we shake out our rainbows, strap them on, and head out into the streets. It’s the time of year we don our colors with pride, and this book is a wonderful celebration of these events. Stuffed with history and pictures, no one will be able to pick up this book and not want to hit the closet and slip into those rainbow clothes early.

Here are 10 more books to celebrate Pride Month. 

The Engagement: America’s Quarter Century Struggle Over Same-Sex Marriage by Sasha Issenburg

And while we are celebrating, it’s important to remember what so many continue to fight for. In this upcoming book, Issenburg lays out history, politics, and the battle for equality so many in the LGBTQ community are still embroiled in. Take a moment to remember those who fought and the ones still fighting.

The Queer Bible: Essays Edited by Jack Guinness

In another upcoming summer read, take a moment of clarity with some of the great queer icons of our day. This book is a collection of essays by so many voices who raise us up, keep us strong. Elton John, Paris Lees, Susan Sontag, and so many more took the time to evoke their own heroes so we can meet them. Perfect read to take to the beach.

Black Girl, Call Home by Jasmine Mans

While we celebrate the LGBTQ community, it wouldn’t be right to stand with our friends and not acknowledge a fight for equality inside our own ranks. Black people are still on the front lines waging war for a place they should already occupy. This book is a powerful and moving look at what Black Queer person’s experiences. It’s poetry and prayer.

Female Husbands: A Trans History by Jen Manion

If the title of this book doesn’t draw you in, let me set you up here. This book is a historical account (think 18th and 19th century) of people assigned female at birth, who lived as men and married women. An interesting look at what being Transgender meant from a historical lens. After you read it, take a moment to think about your Transgender friends today and what they face as they seek acceptance and love.

Here are 10 more books to celebrate Pride Month.