Thriller extraordinaire Michele Campbell is ready to give her readers the chills again this summer with her upcoming release, A Stranger on the BeachCaroline just wants to get a little revenge on her lying husband by having a casual fling with a mysterious bartender. But when the bartender starts stalking Caroline, it’s only time until both she and her husband are in terrible danger. This suspenseful new novel may not be available until July 23, 2019, but lucky for you, we have the first look at this one-of-a-kind novel.

Check out the cover reveal and excerpt below and don’t forget to pre-order A Stranger on the Beach now!


There was a stranger on the beach. He was standing in front of my house, staring at it like he was casing it to rob.

Sometimes fate sneaks up on you. But Aidan Callahan didn’t sneak up on me. He was brazen. He stood there in the middle of the sand, staring up at my brand-spanking-new beachfront house, looking like he was up to no good. I saw him clearly as I looked through the wall of windows, over the infinity-edge pool, to the ocean beyond.  Yes, he was gorgeous.  But I was a married woman of twenty years standing who loved her husband, and I barely noticed that.  What I noticed was that this guy looked strong. Dangerously so.  And he dressed like a townie.  Baggy athletic shorts, tank top, the glint of a gold chain at his neck.  People like him resented people like me, and sometimes, they robbed them. There had been a string of robberies recently, of some of the big houses.  The summer people thought the local cops were dragging their feet about solving them, maybe because the culprits were local boys. When I saw Aidan standing there, those robberies were the first thing that leapt to mind, and a chill went down my spine.

I’ll tell you everything that happened, starting from the beginning.  My first impression of Aidan was that he was a potential thief.  If only I’d listened to my instincts, I would’ve turned and run in the opposite direction. But that’s not what I did.  I walked toward him. And I will always blame myself for what came after.

Excerpt Credit Line:  From A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell. Copyright © 2019 by the author and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Press.