We may find ourselves stuck indoors this spring with a lot more down-time and canceled plans. But don’t let that discourage you from traveling! April comes with a fresh new season of books and adventures. We rounded up the newest releases from SparkPress that will take you on a much-needed literary vacation (you don’t even have to leave the house for)!

If you’ve ever dreamed about going to Hawaii, you should read Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer by Vicky Heldreich Durand

Betty Pembroke Heldreich Winstedt, at the age of forty-one, decided to finally follow her dreams of living by the beach. She picked up everything and moved to Hawaii where she began surfing during the golden years. Betty was one of the first women to compete in large surfing competitions and in Lima, Peru she won first place which only solidified her dreams. But it wasn’t an easy ride the whole time, she conquered many adversities in hopes of inspiring other women to achieve their dreams and left a lasting legacy.

If you want to explore ancient Greece, you should read The Eye of Zeus by Alane Adams

Phoebe Katz isn’t your ordinary twelve-year-old girl. Strange things happen around her, but the strangest of them all, is when a statue of Athena comes to life to reveal an ancient prophecy. Not only does Phoebe discover she is the daughter of the Greek god Zeus, but it’s said that she would one day destroy Olympus! Though she is warned to stay in hiding, Phoebe must travel back to ancient Greece in order to save her closest friend who was kidnapped by the war god Ares. But on her journey, she may just discover a new prophecy that could change everything…

If you’re wanting to explore the streets of San Francisco, you should read Urban Playground: What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco by Katie Burke

Many adults dream of living in the city but have you ever wondered what children thought? In this series of interviews, Katie Burke speaks with fifty children aging from five years old to nine years old to get their point of view. She explores numerous topics such as family life to school life, attempting to explore what it’s like for children to live in the concrete jungle. An insightful and interactive read, this book is perfect for parents and children alike!

I think we’ve all dreamed of going to the big apple, if that’s the case, you should read That’s Not a Thing by Jacqueline Friedland

Meredith Altman has the perfect fiancé. He’s a former Ivy League football player, a baby-saving doctor, and not to mention (unfairly) handsome! As they celebrate their engagement at a new up-and-coming restaurant, Meredith is forced to confront her past. The owner is Wesley Latner, the man she was engaged to long before. As feelings from the past draw her to Wesley, she learns about his terminal diagnosis and lost feelings that may bring another engagement to an end.

If you’re curious about monumental time periods in history, you should check out 1900’s Boston in Child Bride by Jennifer Smith Turner

At the age of sixteen, Nell is married off to an emotionally abusive husband in the mid-1900’s Boston. In an era of oppression, Nell must learn how to be a good wife and a good mother. After she gives birth to three children, Nell grows weak and her husband pulls away in a time where she needs him the most. In search of intimacy and acceptance, she is drawn to another man where a relationship blossoms between them. But when she unexpectedly gets pregnant, she must try to navigate a dangerous new journey—for herself and her children.

If you want to travel to an alternate reality, you should read Inside the Sun by Alexis Marie Chute

In this epic finale of the 8th Island Trilogy, it’s up to the Wellesley’s to save the world before everything they love is destroyed. Ella, now fifteen and cancer-ridden, must grow up quickly. When she learns about the sacrifice she must make, she fears that her mother, Tessa, won’t forgive her. While Tessa, after facing an encounter that changes everything she believed, may uncover a revelation that could save everyone. But will their family secrets tear them apart before they can set things straight?

If you want to escape to a haunted house, you should read The Hairbrush and the Shoe: A True Ghost Story by Jeanne D. Stanton

Jeanne never gave much thought about ghosts until she realized she was living in a haunted house. When something shoves a workman, she knows that there is something going on in the house she may not understand. Exploring scientific research and diving into supernatural lore, Jeanne begins to unravel what—or who might be in her house. But as objects continue to disappear and a meeting with a medium warns her about a portal, Jeanne wavers between skepticism and truth as she searches for answers.

If you’re interested in exploring the streets of Philadelphia, you should read Watermark by Elise Schiller

Angel Ferente is the rock of her family. With her mother’s drug and alcohol habits leaving her impaired, it’s up to Angel to take care of her three siblings. She makes sure her sisters get to school, works part-time to help pay the bills, and finds time to swim in order to gain a scholarship for college. When Angel finally decides to give herself a break and go to her team’s swim part on New Year’s Eve, she doesn’t come home. In light of her disappearance, it’s up to her friends and family to find out what happened to her.

If you want to solve a mystery at North Carolina University, you should read Enemy Queen by Robert Steven Goldstein

Attorney Stanley Berman and Professor Thomas McClellan spend their nights drinking nice wine, playing chess, and discussing their ineptitude with women. That is until Victoria, a student at the university, seduces the men and their heated relationship begins. However, when Victoria begins to make threats, the two men realize they need to figure out this problem before it gets worse. But when Victoria goes missing, an investigation begins and uncovers dark secrets that could tear the town apart.

If you want to travel to the future, you should read Sky of Water by Stacey L. Tucker

In the final book of the Equal Night trilogy, Skylar has been brought back to the First Age for one purpose: she will have to rewrite history in order to save the world. But she has to be careful or else she could risk erasing everything important to her. Luckily, she’s not alone. Argan, back in current times, is working diligently to ensure he can get Skylar back. Afterall, they only have one shot in getting the United States to achieve its true purpose. That is becoming the new Atlantis!

If you want to experience the magic of London, you should read The Goddess Twins by Yodassa Williams

Arden and Aurora had big plans for their eighteenth birthday, but when their mother gets kidnapped and they mysteriously develop magical powers, plans change. The twins decide to search for their missing mother in London, where she was supposed to be on tour. But when they arrive, they meet another pair of sisters who also have magical abilities and claim to be family. The origins of their heritage are soon revealed, and they realize their mother may be in more danger than they thought.

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