Book lovers know that sometimes there’s nothing better than spending the day in a bookstore, surrounded by books, books and more books. If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll love these reads that spotlight reading, books and bookstores.

The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay

Growing up, Madeline always loved spending time in her aunt’s bookshop. But a few decades later, when it’s time for her to inherit the shop, she immediately thinks of selling it due to past family drama. Meeting the shop’s loyal female employees, Madeline learns that this bookstore still has a significant impact on those who work there, putting a wrench in her plans to sell the business. Will she band together with the women who call the shop home or decide to write it off as part of her past for good?

You by Caroline Kepnes

Joe Goldberg’s life is changed when Guinevere Beck walks into the bookstore he works at in the East Village. Instantly falling for her, he takes note of the name on her debit card and begins stalking her. He soon takes control and leads her to believe he’s the only man she needs, bringing about a creepy romance between the two. What lengths will Joe go to in order to make sure Beck stays true to him and who will fall victim to his dangerous methods?

Alchemy’s Air by Stacey L. Tucker

Skylar Southmartin’s purpose in life lies within the pages of the Ancient Book of Sophia and to fully embrace her destiny, she must travel to the infamous Akashic Library located in the mystifying Underworld of Earth. A great read for bibliophiles who love fantasy novels, Alchemy’s Air tells the story of a great adventure that will reveal the darkness every human being possesses and the ways in which it can either destroy or save the world.

The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess

It’s the late 1980s and aspiring writer Eve Rosen dreams of making a name for herself in the literary world. When she gets the chance to attend a party thrown by prestigious writer, Henry Grey, and his poet wife, she believes she’s finally unlocked her perfect life. But working alongside and mingling with those in the industry will bring to light dark secrets about the literary world. Before she knows it, she’s in over her head and questions whether or not she still wants to be a part of this world.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Nina has grown up believing that she’s an only child, living her life surrounded by books and as little human interaction as possible. Then she gets the surprising news that the father she never knew has died and she’s thrown into a world completely unknown to her. This introverted bookworm will have to learn to embrace her new family and a potential new love interest in The Bookish Life of Nina Hill.

The Wonder of Now by Jamie Beck

Peyton Prescott knows she’s lucky to have beat breast cancer but now that she’s healthy again, she dreams of the days when the disease didn’t define her. But instead, she’s about to leave for Europe for a book tour that promotes the memoir she wrote while ill. While she hopes this trip across the pond will bring enjoyment and relaxation, her publicist has other plans as he needs Peyton’s book launch to go swimmingly. With plenty of tension and desire between the two, they’ll come to find that this book tour will yield a lot more than just the release of a memoir.

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