Carley Fortune took bookworms by storm when she released Every Summer After in 2022. Now, Fortune’s third book has just been released, This Summer Will Be Different is sure to offer the same lovable elements of romance, contemporary fiction, and some coming-of-age aspects that we love. Carley Fortune is the perfect author to binge all summer long. And if this is just your cup of lakeside lemonade, check out some of these other books that you’ll want to add to your TBR immediately after you finish her books!

This Summer Will Be Different

This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune

While vacationing on Prince Edward Island, Lucy meets a local named Felix who shows her a really good time. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Felix is actually her best friend’s younger brother, but she still can’t deny their chemistry. Every year Lucy and her best friend, Bridget go to this island and every single year, she says she won’t end up in bed with Felix again. When Bridget escapes to the island a week before her wedding, Lucy now has to help her best friend and also steer clear of Felix.

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All Signs Point to Malibu by Jennifer Snow

Coming this September, Jennifer Snow is about to introduce you to BookToks newest spicy addiction! Hailey Harris is a life coach who has the ability to see into the future, making her extremely successful in her job. But with her gift comes loneliness as not many people are willing to believe Hailey.  When a minor earthquake reunites Hailey with her ex, Liam Jensen, Hailey’s vision predicts an unhappy ending for him and his current fiancé. Just as Hailey thinks she can help, Warren Mitchell enters – Liam’s best man who blames Hailey for his failed football career – and Hailey begins to learn the real cause of Liam’s future heartbreak. Now Hailey must choose between fighting fate or trusting in a love even she couldn’t predict.

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The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren

When Anna Green married Liam “West” Weston for subsidized housing while attending UCLA, she swore the divorce papers were signed when the two went their separate ways. Three years later, Anna is living paycheck to paycheck and West is a Stanford professor. While West is not interested at all in working for his family’s business, he does have his eye on his one-hundred-million-dollar inheritance. But, West can’t see any of that money until he has been married for five years. Now, with his family pressuring him to meet his wife, West has no choice but to bring Anna back into his life.

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Big Chicas Don’t Cry by Annette Chavez Macias

Mari, Erica, Selena, and Gracie are not only cousins, but best friends. When Mari’s parents get divorced, Mari is forced to move away and the bond the girls once had fades. Fifteen years later, Mari’s life is in shambles. Erica’s boyfriend just broke up with her and her boss and her do not get along. Selena finds herself in a position where she doesn’t feel she’s Mexican enough for her family but not white enough for her colleagues. Gracie is a Catholic school teacher with a huge crush. When the loss of a loved one hits all four women, the tragedy reunites them in ways they didn’t expect.

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Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez

Justin is cursed. Every woman he dates finds her soulmate immediately after she and Justin break up and now the whole internet knows about this. When a woman who has the same curse DMs Justin, the two plan to date and break up, hoping this will cancel out each other’s curse. Emma is a traveling nurse currently in Minnesota and finds that dating Justin is an opportunity she must take. When Emma’s mother shows up and ruins her plans, Justin unexpectedly has to act as a guardian to his siblings and the two find they may need to lean on one another to get through this summer.

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It's a Date (Again)

It’s a Date (Again) by Jeneva Rose

Peyton Sanders can’t wait to tell the man who just said he loved her that she loves him back. While on her way to tell him how she feels, she’s hit by a car and wakes up with amnesia and three men standing at the end of her hospital bed. Each man claims to be Peyton’s boyfriend and between the sexy contractor, the handsome guy in a tailored suit, and the tattooed chef, all are great contenders. When her friends come up with the suggestion to date each guy again to find her soulmate, Peyton finds the choice may not be all that easy.

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This Could be Us

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Soledad Barnes has everything planned out for her life. Between her talents in planning, designing, and fixing everything, she’s a domestic goddess that has never met a challenge she couldn’t take head on. When the man she built her life with vanishes in a cloud of betrayal, Soledad doesn’t take one minute to rest as she has to keep a roof over her daughters’ heads and provide for them. As she’s rediscovering herself, an unlikely man comes into the picture.

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The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L. Walther

This summer, Meredith Fox is going back out into the world after losing her sister, Claire, eighteen months ago. With the family’s annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard approaching, this summer a big wedding is happening in the family. In Claire’s honor, the family plays their favorite game of assassin and Meredith forms an alliance with a cute groomsman. Although she wants to focus on winning the game for Claire, Meredith’s heart is sending her right into his arms.

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Lavash at First Sight by Taleen Voskuni

Nazeli “Ellie” Gregorian is a twenty-seven-year-old working in the tech industry who is getting fed up with the men around her, especially her ex-boyfriend she has to work with. When Ellie’s parents invite her to PakCon – a food packaging conference in Chicago, she has the chance to help her parents win an ad in the SuperBowl. Shortly after arriving, she meets the charming Vanya Simonian and the two hit it off, until Ellie realizes she’s the daughter of her parent’s biggest competitors. Although they must compete against each other, Ellie and Vanya soon find the sparks flying between the two of them.

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Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

When her twin, Tina, needed her, Naomi dropped everything – including her own wedding – to come home to save her. But Tina hasn’t changed at all and the next thing Naomi knows, Tina is gone, leaving Naomi with no cash and no car…and an eleven-year-old daughter Naomi didn’t even know existed. Knox may try to stay away from complicated women, but finds himself reluctantly helping Naomi so that once she’s on her feet, she’ll be out of his hair. When trouble turns into danger, Knox finds he may have to wait a bit longer for that peaceful lifestyle he’s craving.

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How to End a Love Story

How to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang

It’s been thirteen years since a tragic accident changed the lives of Helen Zhang and Grant Shepard forever, and she hasn’t seen him since. Helen is now a bestselling author who hopes Los Angeles is the fresh start she needs to cure her writer’s block when one of her novels is being adapted for television. When Helen arrives, she finds none other than Grant, who has built a new life as a screenwriter. When the two reunite, secrets emerge, and they find that they both need to make peace with the past.

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The Fiancé Dilemma by Elena Armas

Coming this July, Elena Armas is introducing us to Josie Moore and the men in her life. Josie has four failed engagements in her past and a rocky relationship with her father. When he decides to announce his retirement, Josie’s romantic history isn’t the best for the family’s PR. Matthew Flanagan has been fired from his job and now he is on foot after getting his car stuck in the mud. All he wants is to get his life on track, but now his best friend’s sister, Josie, greets him as his fiancé. Turning into a fake engagement that benefits the both of them, Josie swears they will never make it to “I do” When the lines between what’s real and what’s not begin to blur, the two wonder if this romance is destiny.

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