From stand-alone fantasies to bestselling series bursting with magic and thrills, we rounded up some of our favorite books like Harry Potter that we know Potterheads young and old will enjoy.

Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey

In this fantasy by debut author Sarah Gailey, a murder takes place at The Osthorne Academy of Young Mages where detective Ivy Gamble’s twin sister teaches, forcing her to reconnect with her estranged sibling and catch a murderer. She’s flung into the world of unprecedented powers and dangerous secrets.

You’ll find yourself guessing over and over again as the Academy doors open up into a fantastical place of magic and danger.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

The No. 1 New York Times-bestselling series brings fans into a thrilling world of magic, cyborgs, mysterious kingdoms and evil villains through futuristic retellings of classic fairy tales. From Cinder to the series’ epic conclusion, Winter, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as the heroines defy all odds in an effort to defeat evil.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Baker

In her fantasy novel debut, Emily Croy Barker invites readers into her meticulously imaginative world of magic. While at a friend’s wedding, Nora Fischer wanders off and unexpectedly lands in another realm. It’s a place of new possibilities until things go terribly wrong.

Harry Potter fans will love cheering on Nora as she learns the skills of magic to survive.

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches by Maggie Stiefvater

No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Raven Cycle series brings us the Holland brothers – twins Alec and Walker, who couldn’t be more different, but possess an inseparable bond for which they’re known around town. But when they leave the city to live with their cousins in the rural swampland, they discover a darkness that could tear them apart.

Fantasy fans will love this coming-of-age story about family, friendship and acceptance.

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Zachary Ezra Rawlins is a graduate student in Vermont when he uncovers a book with a story from his own childhood among other tales of magic and mysterious powers. As he works furiously to find out how his story made it into the book, clues begin to surface that lead Zachary to a place of lost cities, star-crossed lovers, treasure and beyond.

Mystery and strength abound in tale of finding your truth and discovering your path.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

YA readers will delight in the story of Ella of Frell, as Ella’s charged with the “gift” of obedience – forcing all sorts of silliness to ensue such as having to hop on one foot for a day. But in a larger-than-life world of fairy godmothers, wicked stepsisters, giants and beyond, can Ella find the strength to be herself?

Young readers will be enchanted by this retelling of the classic Cinderella fairy tale.

Borderline by Mishell Baker

Millie lost more than her film-making career in a failed suicide attempt – she also lost her legs. But the secret organization who moderates between Hollywood and Fairyland still sees her potential. Before she knows it, Millie is enlisted into her first assignment, tracking down a missing star who doubles as a nobleman of Seelie Court. Does she have it in her to defeat the many obstacles in her way?

You’ll love this urban fantasy about second chances.

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

Readers of all ages will love this No. 1 New York Times bestselling Spiderwick Chronicles series.

When siblings Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace happen upon a strange old book and suddenly find themselves in a fantastical world of elves, goblins, magic and more, the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

With five books and a film adaptation, you’ll be seeing magic in everyday life, everywhere you turn.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Alex Stern’s life has been filled with bad choices, but when she hits rock bottom, the consequences aren’t exactly what she expects. Instead, she’s offered a full ride to Yale. Her second chance doesn’t come without a catch though – she’s tasked with monitoring and reporting the activities of Yale’s most secret societies, and what she uncovers is far worse than anything she could have imagined.

Filled with power, privilege and darkness, you won’t be able to put this one down.

These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling

Hannah may live in Salem, Massachusetts where witches are among the many gimmicks that the tourists flock into the city for, but Hannah happens to be a real witch – an Elemental, with the power to control natural elements. So, when a deadly blood ritual takes place at a high school bonfire, she and her coven immediately jump in to combat the dark forces threatening her community.

Romance and mystery are at the heart of this thriller, which will keep you guessing at every turn.

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

Maia, the fourth son of the Elflands’ emperor lived his entire life in exile, far from his father and three older brothers in line for the throne. But when his family is suddenly killed, he’s forced out of solitude to take his father’s place as Emperor. Without any allies or experience in court politics, he must navigate his new path and evade his family’s murderer.

This debut fantasy novel is a keeper, and Harry Potter fans will adore the nuances of this brightly-imagined new world.