Kiley Reid took bookstores everywhere by storm with her novel Such a Fun Age. You couldn’t look at any bookshelf, store, or bookish social media account without seeing the amazing reviews for this story. Now, Reid is back with her highly anticipated new novel, Come & Get It.

Come & Get It

Come & Get It by Kiley Reid

Featuring Reid’s witty and charming prose, Come & Get It is about a woman named Millie Cousins who is a senior resident assistant at the University of Arkansas. All Millie wants in life is to graduate, get a good job, and buy herself a house. When Agatha Paul, a professor and writer offers Millie an unusual opportunity, she jumps at the chance, only to be wrapped up in a world of odd people, dorm pranks, and intrigue.

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So whether you’re waiting for your copy to arrive or are already devouring it, here are some amazing other stories and authors to check out once you finish Come & Get It.

Luster by Raven Leilani

Edie is barely surviving her twenties working at a dead end admin job, sharing a lousy apartment, and not making the best sexual choices. Things change for Edie when she meets Eric, who is in an open marriage. When Edie finds herself unemployed, Eric invites her to live with him, his wife, and stepdaughter.

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More Than You’ll Ever Know by Katie Gutierrez

In 1985, Dolores “Lore” Rivera meets the irresistible Andres Russo in Mexico City in a cinematic whirlwind romance, but Lore is already married to Fabian. Lore thinks she has things figured out when she starts living two separate lives, until one husband  finds out about the other and kills him. In 2017, Cassie Bowman, a struggling true crime writer, comes across the case and sets out to get Lore’s side of the story. As Cassie investigates, she finds the truth is even darker than anyone could have imagined.

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Yellowface by R.F. Kuang

Everyone thought authors June Hayward and Athena Liu were going to be rising stars, only for Athena to be a literary darling and June to be nobody. When June witnesses Athena’s accidental death, she does the unthinkable and steals her recently finished manuscript about the contributions of Chinese laborers during WWI. Just as June gets away with her plan, evidence is brought to light threatening to expose June causing her to surprise even herself with how far she will go to contain her secret.

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The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor

Without knowing it, a close group of friends and lovers in Iowa City are about to experience an explosive year of self-discovery. The group includes Seamus, a poet; Ivan, a dancer turned banker who also does amateur porn; Fatima, a workaholic who chooses work over her personal relationships; and Noah, the sex-magnet. As each member in the group prepares for their future, they travel to a cabin so they can say goodbye to their former lives, only to be forever changed.

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the mothers

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

This story weaves a compelling narrative set in a modern Southern California black community, centered on Nadia Turner, a teenager grappling with her mother’s suicide and the consequences of a secret pregnancy with Luke, a young man hindered by his past. Their choices, entwined with those of Nadia’s devout best friend Aubrey, ripple through their lives, posing enduring questions about the power of “what ifs” and the lasting impact of decisions made in youth.

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Before We Were Innocent by Ella Berman

Ten years ago, three friends went to Greece for a fun-in-the-sun summer, until Evangeline died and Bess and Joni were the two main suspects. Although the police cleared them both, the media ripped them apart. Now, Joni is a motivational speaker and Bess wants to live under the radar as much as possible. When Joni shows up at Bess’s doorstep in need of a favor, Bess has no choice but to say yes.

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The Whisper Network

Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

When three female colleagues notice their male superior being inappropriate with a new woman in the office, they make the decision to band together to bring him down. After all, if they don’t do something now, this man could be the new head of the company one day. Although each woman has a different relationship with the man, they are aware that their action is needed as every mention of misconduct has been swept under the rug….until now.

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Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Little Fires Everywhere is set in the seemingly serene and meticulously organized suburb of Shaker Heights, where Elena Richardson epitomizes the community’s adherence to structure and convention. The arrival of Mia Warren, a mysterious artist, and her daughter Pearl disrupts this order. In a contentious custody battle that divides the town, Mia and Elena find themselves on opposite sides. This novel examines the complexities of secrets, identity, artistic expression, and motherhood, challenging the illusion that strict adherence to societal norms can prevent chaos.

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Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Queenie Jenkins is twenty-five-years old and a Jamaican British woman living in London. While working at a national newspaper, Queenie feels constant pressure to compare herself to her white middle-class peers. When Queenie and her white long-time boyfriend break up, she finds comfort in all the wrong things, including some questionable men, sending Queenie into a dangerous path of terrible choices.

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