With the ability to fight off evil villains and an unwavering commitment to truth and justice, it’s no surprise we’re big Wonder Woman fans. If you watched WW84 and need a fresh Wonder Woman fix, we think you’ll love the heroines in these fiction picks.

Black Canary by Alexandra Monir

In a near-future world where women have no rights, Dinah Lance won’t hesitate to use everything she has–including her song–to fight back. But singing is forbidden–a one-way route to a certain death sentence. Fighting to balance her father’s desire to keep her safe, a blossoming romance with mysterious new student Oliver Queen, and her own need to help other women and girls rise up, Dinah wonders if her song will finally be heard. And will her voice be powerful enough to destroy the Court of Owls once and for all?

Fallout by Gwenda Bond

Lois wants nothing else but to keep her head down at her new school and just fit in. But when a group called the Warheads starts messing with one of her classmates, Lois can’t stay out of it. Using her journalist skills and help from online friend “SmallvilleGuy,” Lois is determined to bring an end to the madness.

American War by Omar El Akkad

When Sarat Chestnut’s father is killed during the second American Civil War and her family is sent to Camp Patience, one mysterious figure takes an interest in the young girl and eventually turns her into his own weapon. Finding her own strength to defend herself and the country is Sarat’s greatest mission in this science fiction novel.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Vasya always loved the fairy tales told in her village and had been fascinated by Frost, the blue-eyed winter demon. But when a new stepmother takes it upon herself to alter their home, Vasya now finds herself having to protect the people she loves from the wicked monsters she had once thought were only real in fantastical stories.

The Book of Joan by Lidia Yuknavitch

This is the story of a reimagined Joan of Arc who is out to save the world from cult leader Jean de Men who has a hunger for war. The child-warrior possesses skills no one understands the origin of and when she is pushed to her limit, Joan will make one move that will change the destiny of the world forever.

Borne by Jeff VanderMeer

As a scavenger in a ruined city once ruled by a biotech firm, Rachel has found a strange connection to a creature she calls Borne. As Borne grows, he starts to jeopardize the sanctuary Rachel has built and the two together will uncover secrets that will change the future of the barren land they once called home.

The Rift Uprising by Amy S. Foster

Ryn Whittaker’s chances at being a normal teenager were ruined the moment she decided to become a cyber soldier. Having always been a model, Ryn can’t help but be drawn to Ezra when he’s pulled through the Rift. Starting an uprising was never her plan but when Ezra starts asking the right questions, there’s no other choice.