The Fourth of July is the perfect time to celebrate the United States and our freedom. This year, as the temperatures continue to rise, you’ll find us by the pool celebrating the holiday with these festive red, white and blue books.

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

 During World War II, Yossarian is mad at not only the people trying to kill him but at his army for shipping troops all over the world to perform dangerous missions. If he tries to get out of his mission, he will violate Catch 22. This is if a man continues doing dangerous missions, he is considered insane. But if he wants to be removed from duty, he is considered sane and then ineligible to be relieved. So, it’s a Catch 22.

The Jaguar’s Children by John Vaillant

Hector is trapped inside a water tank. He tries calling someone so he can be rescued, but he also needs to share his message before it’s too late. During the four days he is trapped, he tells stories about crossing the border in Mexico and his time in Oaxaca. His world travels will all be worth it when he can finally share his important message.

Revolution in the Head by Ian MacDonald

This is all about The Beatles. Each of their 241 tracks is analyzed from their first track in 1954 to their final “reunion” in 1995. It also touches on their lives and talks about why they were one of the biggest bands in the world.

1984 by George Orwell

Winston Smith rewrites history because he is demanded to do this by the Ministry of Truth. Winston starts to hate the Party because they persecute anyone who commits a thought crime. But when he starts thinking for himself, he knows Big Brother is watching him.

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Flowers for Algernon is about a disabled man who is searching for intelligence that mirrors a lab rat named Algernon. When Charlie has a brain operation that raises his IQ, he feels as if his life will never be the same. Then Algernon begins his unexpected deterioration. And Charlie may be next.