The elusive stairway. Where does it lead? Where might these stairs take you? Are these characters running from something or to someone? We’re totally judging books by their covers and assuming that these books with stairs on them can lead to nowhere good. Or maybe we’re wrong? Find out for yourself where these stairs go by checking out our picks of these similar covers, all featuring stairs.

The Accident by Natalie Barelli

One too many drinks and Katherine makes the mistake of a lifetime. Fortunately, Eve knows about the accident and she’s going to help it all go away. But is Eve really going to make everything better, and is everything really okay with Eve?

Atonement by Ian McEwan

A simple flirtation will change the lives of Briony, Cecilia and Robbie and lead to crime and chaos in the midst of WWII. A novel of love, war, childhood, class and forgiveness, Atonement is a must-read masterpiece.

The Trumpet Lesson by Dianne Romain

When Callie hears a woman playing the trumpet in the central plaza of Guanajuato, she asks the woman for lessons, not realizing the impact it would have. Now Callie is thinking about the unwanted pregnancy, her outraged father and submissive mother. It all comes back to haunt her. Will she risk keeping her secret, remaining silent, or will Callie find a way to open her heart and confront her past in order to live fully.

The Couple by Sarah Mitchell

When engaged couple Claire and Angus search for their perfect home, they meet Mark, who is selling them the home. Claire finds herself drawn to Mark – he reminds her of the man she loved years ago. When she crosses a line she never thought she would, and Angus starts acting suspicious, Claire is unsure who she should even trust.

Hold the Dream by Barbara Taylor Bradford

At 80-years-old, Emma Harte is ready to bequeath her retail company to her grandchild Paula. She tells her in confidence: “I charge you to hold my dream.” Paula, now entrusted with her grandmother’s empire, must live up to the expectations while finding happiness and keeping her grandmother’s legacy alive and thriving.

The Secret Mother by Shalini Boland

When Tessa finds a child in her kitchen who thinks she is mommy, she has no idea how the little boy got there. She has no idea who he is. Tessa doesn’t have any children anymore. She calls the police who suspect her of kidnapping, and then her husband shares a devastating secret of his own. It’s time for Tessa to confront her own past, but the truth could be even more dangerous.

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