This summer, BookSparks is celebrating the hottest books of summer with its massive online campaign Summer Reading Challenge 2019 (#SRC2019). This year, the BookFest themed challenge is the biggest it has ever been and the titles featured are books you’ll definitely want to get your hands on ASAP. Check out the lineup below and get ready for a summer full of reading, giveaways, live events and more.

May books:

The Southern Side of Paradise by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Just when Ansley Murphy and her three daughters believe their lives are on the up and up, a new group of women comes to town and threatens to reveal their deepest secrets. In The Southern Side of Paradise, the Murphy women will come to realize the true meaning of family and sticking together to get through life’s most trying times.

You, Me, and the Sea by Meg Donohue

Merrow Shawe loves her seaside home in Northern California despite the tragedy that has happened there. Then she meets Amir, a boy who has come to live with her family, and the two fall for each other almost instantly. But not everything is perfect and one shocking choice will change both of their lives forever.

Limelight by Amy Poeppel

When Allison Brinkley moves her family from Dallas to Manhattan, she doesn’t anticipate the difficulty of starting fresh in a new place. She’s having a hard time adjusting but then she meets actor and Broadway star Carter Reid and an opportunity comes that will bring her family together.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

America’s First Son is at odds with the Prince of Wales and the world knows it. Hoping to do damage control, the families and handlers of these two young men step in and devise a plan to make the tabloids believe they really are friends. But as they execute the plan to fake their friendship, they find that they may just be falling in love with one another.

June books:

Naturally Tan: A Memoir by Tan France

Star of Netflix’s Queer Eye, Tan France dives into his life, career and best advice for living in the real world in Naturally Tan. This must-read memoir reveals a story Tan has never told before and inspires readers to create their own success.

Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li

The Beijing Duck House has always been a scene for organized chaos but in this paperback release, one disastrous event will trigger all the restaurant’s workers to face the restaurant’s imperfections head-on for the first time.

You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened by Amy Weinland Daughters

When Amy Daughters travels back home for Thanksgiving in 2014, she doesn’t expect to be magically transported back to 1978. Now surrounded by family from her past, she comes to new realizations about her childhood, hoping that by the time she returns to her own time, she’ll take these memorable lessons with her.

Providence by Caroline Kepnes

New in paperback is Caroline Kepnes’s Providence. When Chloe’s best friend Jon disappeared four years ago, she had no idea the feelings he harbored for her. Now that he’s back, she’ll have to face his feelings as well as the fact that he has returned as a person Chloe doesn’t recognize. With students in a nearby town dropping dead, there’s a lot to be uncovered in Providence.

Honestly, We Meant Well by Grant Ginder

Mother and wife Sue Ellen Wright knows her family is struggling and takes the opportunity to travel to a Greek island for a month with the entire family. Returning to the place where she has fond memories, she hopes the Wrights can get back on the right track and continue with their normally successful lives.

How to Skimm Your Life by theSkimm

Sometimes life is difficult and without clear lessons on taxes, salary negotiations and other important adult skills, being a successful person in 2019 can be difficult. How to Skimm Your Life teaches readers the ways to go about adulthood and do it with flare.

Screen Queens by Lori Goldstein

Lucy, Maddie and Delia have just graduated high school and are ready for their next big challenge: a high-stakes competition in Silicon Valley. The winner of the competition receives a highly-coveted internship that anyone in the tech industry would die to take part in. But they’ll have to face teenage love and backstabbing friends in addition to the intense competition.

The Islanders by Meg Mitchell Moore

Anthony Puckett, Joy Sousa and Lu Trusdale are in for a summer of a lifetime in The Islanders. Over the span of 12 weeks, these three strangers come to learn from one another and grow in ways they had never imagined. When their secrets rise to the surface by the end of summer, they’ll have to come to terms with the things they’re willing to give up to truly go after the lives they’ve always dreamt of.

Sky Queen by Judy Kundert

Katherine Roebling is sure that her life as a Chicago-based flight attendant is the glamorous life she’s always wanted. And then she begins to dive deeper into her ancestral past and comes to find that maybe there’s more to herself than she realized. Traveling the world, she comes to discover her true self in a new place and with a new career.

The Last Resort by Marissa Stapley

With the promise of a saved marriage, two couples sign up to attend a retreat in the Mayan Riviera hosted by a prominent celebrity couple. As a tropical storm moves in, they’ll be trapped in the resort and forced to face their secrets, ensuring that by the time they leave, they’ll be radically changed people.

July books:

We Came Here to Forget by Andrea Dunlop

Katie Cleary’s dreams of becoming the world’s best skier are ruined when a dangerous family secret is revealed. Katie moves to Buenos Aires and takes on a new identity, but she soon learns that she can’t outrun her past.

Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Sloane, Ardie, Rosalita and Grace have worked at the same company for years but when their CEO dies, a misogynistic man at the company is put in charge. As he moves into power and acts inappropriately toward another woman at work, the four colleagues are forced to take action – a move that has deadly consequences.

The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden

Mia West’s entire world is changed in The Enlightenment of Bees. She leaves the life she’s always known and joins her housemate on an epic adventure where she will reevaluate what she truly wants for her future.

The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt by Andrea Bobotis

Judith Kratt and her family are harboring dark secrets and when her estranged sister reappears in their small South Carolina town, she makes one thing clear: she’s ready to expose their past. The family will have to deal with the fallout in The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt.

The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess

Eve Rosen knows that her future is in writing but when she gets caught up in the literary world, she realizes that it may not be the place for her after all. Filled with secrets, life-changing mistakes and romance, The Last Book Party is a bibliophile’s dream read.

The Completionist by Siobhan Adcock

Coming out in paperback this summer, The Completionist is a great book for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale. Fredericka’s younger sister has just disappeared and with Fredericka’s miracle pregnancy, she knows she can’t be the one to go searching for her. Sending their brother in her place, he learns shocking secrets about their family.

You’ve Been Volunteered by Laurie Gelman

Jen Dixon has become a prominent mother at her son’s school. But when her husband becomes consumed by work, her daughters navigate the adult world and her parents begin to need her help, she’ll have to step up to the plate again and take on more than she can handle.

A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell

Caroline Stark’s home and family are perfect so when her life implodes, she relies on a one-night stand to make her feel good again. But one night will change her entire life as the new lover begins stalking her. Before she knows it, her husband has disappeared and she’s being pinned for his supposed murder.

The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

When four competitive Wall Street colleagues sign up for a team bonding activity, they don’t expect it to be a deadly escape room game. As their secrets are revealed by dark forces running the escape room, they realize that there’s a chance not everyone will make it out alive.

August books:

When I Was White: A Memoir by Sarah Valentine

Sarah Valentine grew up believing she was white. It wasn’t until the turned 27 that she learned the truth: her father was black and she is mixed race. This memoir follows her journey to finding her true identity and looking back at her early life when she believed she was white.

Because You’re Mine by Rea Frey

Lee is fiercely protective of her son Mason because he is on the spectrum and she is a single mother doing it all on her own. When her friend convinces her that she needs a weekend away, she enlists the help of Mason’s tutor, Noah. But only 48 hours after leaving, someone is dead and Lee will have to figure out what to do next.

The Runaway by Hollie Overton

Becca Ortiz will utilize her skills as an LAPD forensic psychologist and adoptive mother in The Runaway. Becca’s adopted daughter has just run away, returning to a dark figure from her past and the dangerous world she was once a part of. Can Becca find her daughter and what extent will she go to in order to do so?

I Know Everything by Matthew Farrell

Investigator Susan Adler is sucked back into a case when revealing evidence from the medical practitioner comes to light, making her think it was the husband who committed the murder. But the late victim’s husband will have difficulty clinging onto his own sanity as a game of secrets ensues.

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