One of the best parts of She Reads is the everyday interactions we get to make with book-loving influencers, otherwise known as Bookstagrammers. Whether we’re tagging them on social posts, partnering for giveaways or collaborating on book lists, Bookstagrammers make our world go round. If you’re not already following these amazing book influencers, it’s time to hit that big blue FOLLOW button on Instagram.


A long-time influencer for BookSparks, Dee’s chic photos always give us major heart eyes. From her sleek coffee house photos to books featured in snowy Vancouver, you’ll want to read every book she posts about on her feed.


What do we love most about Nai’a’s feed? She is always brightening our day with her infectious smile and love for all things books. Nai’a tackles all kinds of genres and always does so with a brilliant smile on her face.


Alex, the woman behind this beautiful Instagram, is a southern girl at heart and we love her aesthetic because it always makes us feel like we’re at home. Sharing snippets of her beautiful home and pup Griffey, this account is one we love seeing on our homepage.


Talk about innovation! Bookstagrammer (and book sorcerer) James takes book photos to a whole new level with his creativity and skill. If you think you’ve seen everything Bookstagram has to offer, think again because James bring the heat with every single post.


Brittany is one of the first influencers to contribute to She Reads and we stan her positive messaging about mental health just as much as her gorgeous book photos. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth book lover, you have found your perfect match.


When we think about readers on Instagram who are in it for all the right reasons, we immediately think about Nathalie. Always ready to share about the impact books have on her, this sweet influencer is one who will always have a place in our hearts.


You know those incredibly aesthetically pleasing accounts that inspire you to step up your own Instagram game? That’s what Megan at @the_spines does for us every time she posts a photo. This influencer’s creativity is always astonishing and we bow down to the book stack queen, Megan.

Jordan went from 0-100 real quick, starting his bookish account only eight months ago. Having already amassed over 10,000 followers, this avid reader will go to any and all extremes to get the perfect book photo and we applaud his success in creating such an engaged audience.


A regular contributor to She Reads, Kailey is as committed as it gets when it comes to posting about books. Keeping her followers up-to-date on the best of the best book releases, this humble book influencer is one we go to for book recs time and time again.


Gare sets himself apart on Instagram by coming up with the perfect potential cast for all the thrilling books he reads. Our resident thriller expert, Gare is always in the know about which suspense novels you should be reading ASAP. A pleasure to interact with, this is the account all thriller junkies should have bookmarked.


Pia Cortez knows that with each great book comes a stunning outfit to photograph it with. Bringing a touch a style to her most recent reads, we can’t get enough of this stylish book babe. This account is one that even book babes and fashion fiends can agree is an absolute knockout.


Whether you come for Stacey’s elegant use of props or her (ADORABLE) Corgi Huck, it’s evident that this book-loving Instagrammer is constantly killing the game. Stacey’s positivity and commitment to books are admirable traits and we love supporting women like her – those who constantly radiate sunshine.