When the temperatures drop and the holiday season rolls around, it starts to feel like everyone is trying to “cuff” a new partner to spend time with during this festive season. However, finding a new significant other can involve browsing through dating apps, awkward dates and memorable interactions with potential in-laws. No matter how you’re feeling during cuffing season, there’s a book here that will remind you of your current romantic situation.

If you’re dealing with in-laws this season, read The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

When Laura’s son brings home new love interest, Cherry, Laura quickly learns that the girl is after more than just her son’s love. With sudden and shrewd sabotage now plaguing Laura and the family, a tragic event and dark secret emerge and everyone’s lives will be changed forever. This psychological thriller will make you grateful for any tension you may be feeling toward your potential in-laws.

If you’re dreaming of finding your Prince Charming, read The Gown by Jennifer Robson

Don’t we all dream of marrying a handsome prince and throwing a wedding that will be remembered for decades – or even centuries – to come? If you’re currently looking for your own Prince Harry, you’ll love this historical fiction read about the history behind one of the most famous wedding gowns ever made. This romantic dual plotline novel is the perfect blend of family, mystery and new beginnings.

If you’re scrolling through Tinder, read My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

Millie Morris is an expert when it comes to female serial killers yet she is completely clueless when it comes to dating apps. So when Millie and her co-workers agree to find plus-one dates for their company gala, she realizes that the online pool of men isn’t something she wants to take part in after all. Creating a persona for herself, she matches with one of her closest co-workers and as they grow closer through her fake profile, she’ll have to decide whether she wants to simply keep their online friendship or risk everything for love.

If you unexpectedly found the man of your dreams, read I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

Fixie Farr has always been good at looking out for others instead of herself. When she meets a new and successful man by sheer coincidence, she thinks he may be the kind of support she’s been looking for all along. With a string of favors between Fixie and new man Sebastian, the two begin a friendship with the potential to spark something bigger.

If you believe in love at first sight, read One Day in December by Josie Silver

Laurie has never been a big believer in love at first sight but when she locks eyes with a guy through a bus window, she starts to rethink her thoughts on true love. When they finally come face-to-face at Laurie’s friend’s Christmas party, she is shocked to discover that her love-at-first-sight is her friend’s new man.

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