What better time than on a day built for savings, to snag these new releases and stock up on some of the best new books. You’ll love cozying up with these new reads that you can order right to your doorstep this Cyber Monday.

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

Everything in Libby Jones’s life is about to change. She’s just discovered the identity of her birth parents and became the sole heir to their abandoned mansion worth millions. Soon she’ll uncover even more – including the truth about what happened 25 years ago when she was the only child of five found in a house with three dead bodies.

The Great Pretender by Susannah Cahalan

In this real-life detective story set in the 1970s, eight professionals go undercover into asylums around America to test the legitimacy of psychiatry’s labels. They remain under lock and key until they have proven themselves sane, but they do not come out unscathed. Their tales of disturbing diagnoses and troubling treatments helped to change the future of psychiatry forever.

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

When graduate student Zachary discovers a mysterious book hidden in the library, he never could have predicted the book was about him. But the book, filled with fantastical tales of lovelorn prisoners, key collectors and a series of clues, was not yet finished. In the weeks to come, Zachary will uncover the path that will lead to the rest of his tale.  

The Witches Are Coming by Lindy West

Lindy West examines the complicated American politics that have always benefited white males. On nearly electing our first female president to succeed our first black president, she writes, “And then, true to form-like the Balrog’s whip catching Gandalf by his little gray bootie, like the husband in a Lifetime movie hissing, ‘If I can’t have you, no one can’ – white American voters shoved an incompetent, racist con man into the White House.”

The Revisioners by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

Josephine was enslaved as a child. Now she owns a thriving farm and has a slowly kindling friendship with her neighbor Charlotte, a white woman with old ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Fast-forward nearly a century later, Josephine’s granddaughter is a single mother, navigating some complicated female friendships of her own. The Revisioners examines the different kinds of bonds throughout a woman’s life and the parallels that span generations.

Little Weirds by Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate, of the Netflix special Stage Fright, and creator of the loveable Marcel the Shell character directs her witty writing style and sunny outlook toward the nuances of life in this impossible-to-categorize memoir-like book. Readers will never view the mundane parts of every day the same again after reading Little Weirds.

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

Based on a true story rooted in America’s past, Jojo Moyes tells of the five pioneering women who become the Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky. When Alice Wright marries to escape her stifling life in England, things turn bad living alongside her overbearing father-in-law. That’s when she jumps at the opportunity to deliver books as part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library. Little does she know, her greatest adventure awaits.

In the Dream House: A Memoir by Carmen Maria Machado

Machado charismatically shares her account of a relationship gone bad and examines the various mechanisms that led to abuse, depression and shame in her memoir. She looks back at her religious upbringing, breaks down stereotypes and explores the history and reality of abuse in lesbian relationships.

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