Fall is getting closer every day. With that in mind, we’re working our way through these five end-of-summer book releases that we think everyone should be reading. Catch up with these new must-reads that will set you up perfectly for the fall season.

What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman

Izzy Stone never thought she’d forgive her mother for killing her father, but when she stumbles upon artifacts from the past of another woman at an old asylum, she’s suddenly forced to question the reality of her mother’s crime. A story about two women from two different decades who are facing the most difficult decisions of their lives, What She Left Behind is about forgiveness and realizations that will have you on the edge of your seat up until the final page.

Inland by Téa Obreht

It’s 1893 in the Arizona Territory and families are struggling to deal with the drought that is plaguing the entire region. Frontierswoman Nora is at home with her youngest son, waiting for the return of her husband and her eldest sons. But something’s not quite right as her youngest claims that there’s a mysterious beast stalking the land they live on. Simultaneously, former outlaw Lurie is haunted by ghosts who all want something from him. This unique relationship with those who have passed takes him on an expedition across the West and will bring him to cross paths with Nora.

The Yellow House: A Memoir by Sarah M. Broom

Sarah Broom’s family is no stranger to hardship. Moving into a shotgun house in 1961 in New Orleans East, everything seemed to be looking up for the young family. But then Sarah’s father dies and suddenly her mother is responsible for 12 kids and their home. This new memoir relays a century’s worth of history about Broom’s family and sheds light on a neglected area of the United States.

The Dearly Beloved by Cara Wall

Charles had always envisioned himself taking after his father as a highly-influential professor at Harvard. But when one experience changes his life, he gets into the ministry field, later falling for Lily who doesn’t, and won’t ever, believe in God. Meanwhile, James and Nan have met and while James is doing his best to escape his life and the faith he left behind him, Nan has a way of bringing him hope and changing his life for the better. These four will form a bond unlike any other and be put to their limits as they face a turbulent time in history in The Dearly Beloved.

A Girl Named Anna by Lizzy Barber

Anna always followed her mother’s rules… until her 18th birthday when she sneaks away to a Florida theme park, Astroland. While she’s never been there, she finds she recognizes the place and when she gets a letter addressing her by another name on the same day, she begins to think the two events are connected. Meanwhile, Rosie is on a mission to find the sister she lost 15 years ago, putting everything at stake to find the truth.

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