The She Reads team got to attend a recent book event for Jane Harper (gasp!) and celebrate her latest release The Lost ManDiscussing themes of loneliness, the barren Australian Outback and her road to writing fiction, Harper kept her audience fully engaged from beginning to end. Even better? Jane talked about the books she loves to read. Learn more about what Jane Harper reads and order your copy of the slow-burn suspense novel readers are obsessing over, The Lost Man, now.

If you know anything about Jane Harper, you know how incredible her mystery novels are. But despite her talent for writing excellent suspenseful fiction, she finds herself often reading outside of the genre. With that being said, she still indulges in a few fast-paced thrillers… but then again, doesn’t everyone have a soft spot for those addicting and chilling novels?

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Like most avid readers, Jane Harper loves the work of thriller master, Gillian Flynn. When dutiful wife Amy Dunne disappears – seemingly into thin air – all signs point to her husband, Nick, as the prime suspect. But as Nick begins thinking back on their relationship and Amy’s flaws, he finds clues that lead him to a stunning conclusion no one ever saw coming.

This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial by Helen Garner

A fellow Australian author, Jane loves Helen Garner and her brilliant approach to writing, stating she’s a “great technical author.” This award-winning book covers the different sides of a nationally-famed murder trial and the way it shocked the entirety of a country.

Lee Child Novels

Lee Child’s repertoire is full of thrilling and suspenseful novels so it’s no wonder why Jane enjoys his work. With dozens of awards and worldwide recognition under his belt, Child is an author many other writers look to for inspiration.