We love to know the books that our favorite authors read when no one is looking. While posting on social media about your favorite new book has become a fast-growing trend, sometimes readers like to keep book gems to themselves. Our June Guest Editor Jenny Zhang recently let She Reads in on the books that her readers would be surprised to know she loves.

Jenny Zhang loves the The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien

From Frodo to Gandalf and all the characters in between, this legendary fantasy series has been loved by many over the years. This classic trilogy follows the adventures of Frodo and his dearest friends. After Frodo’s cousin Bilbo disappears, he’s left with a powerful ring and a mission: travel across the perilous Middle-earth and destroy the ring before it gets into the hands of the wrong people.

Three more fantasy novels fans of The Lord of the Rings will love:

The Traveler’s Summit by Andy Andrews

The fate of humanity will be left to one man and some of history’s greatest thinkers in this new novel by Andy Andrews. These brilliant minds will only have five attempts to try and figure out the mysterious puzzle that will either bring the world new light or end the human race forever.

Starless by Jacqueline Cary

From a young age, Khai has always been trained to kill and protect those around him. Doing his best to keep his rulers safe and protect his own complicated personality, Khai will take up a difficult quest with a group of prophecy-seekers to take down the evil god Miasmus and protect all of those he loves.

The Hawkman: A Fairytale of the Great War by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

This new adaptation to a literary classic brings together the lives of a celebrated American teacher and a homeless Irish musician who find peace in their own small cottage, away from the rest of the hectic world. But their tranquil hideout won’t last long as a new power arises and threatens to take down their entire world.

(feature image courtesy of The Guardian)