Magical realism books are the perfect thing if you’re looking to escape into a new world that still feels relatable. Take a magical journey with these unforgettable books full of memorable characters, epic quests and helpful life advice.

Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore

On the eve of Oona Lockhart’s nineteenth birthday, she feels ready to take on the world and make a choice that will change her future indefinitely. But all of that changes when she faints counting down to midnight and wakes up as the 51-year-old version of herself. Now living an entirely new life, year after year, she jumps to a new and random age with each birthday. Experiencing new eras, new trends and new versions of herself, Oona must come to terms with the woman she really is and the person her 19-year-old self always wanted to become.

Guesthouse for Ganesha by Judith Teitelman

Esther Grünspan is only 17 when she flees to Köln in 1923 to escape her old life after being left at the altar. Narrating her travels is Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu God, and he shares Esther’s experiences – everything from the Holocaust to the Hindu Kali Yuga. During her 22-year journey to India, she comes to realize the true meaning of love and compassion.

The Dream Peddler by Martine Fournier Watson

Robert Owens offers customers perfectly tailored dreams. When he arrives in Evie Dawson’s town, a slew of trouble comes with him when Evie’s son disappears. With the small town rattled by the missing child, the residents begin using Robert’s services to fulfill their biggest dreams and desires. But not all dreams will have a happy ending and soon, more disasters are occurring within the community.

What Should Be Wild by Julia Fine

Maisie Cothay has only ever known life with her father within the four walls of her home. Living on the edge of the woods where many women from her family have disappeared, Maisie is forced outside of her safe haven when her father goes missing in the woods. Can Maisie break the curse that has been put upon the women in her family for millennia and save both herself and her father?

The Seas by Samantha Hunt

The unnamed narrator in The Seas believes one thing is true: she’s a mermaid. Falling for a land-bound man and coming into herself as an adult, the young woman starts on a journey that will have major consequences and even land her in jail. But the narrator knows her own kind of magic and escapes the cell she’s forced into using her many talents.

Orange World and Other Stories by Karen Russell

From the author of Swamplandia! comes a new short story collection that’s larger than life. With magical stories about first love, fighting for your life, motherhood and more, this new collection puts a unique twist on the stories we know and love.

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