You’ll probably want to cancel your plans and get ready to cozy up with a good book this fall. From debut authors and some of your favorites comes highly anticipated novels exploring family dynamics, grief, loss, love and mystery that are bound to keep you busy.

The Other Year

The Other Year by Rea Frey 8/15

What would happen if our biggest fears became our reality? This is true for Kate Baker or at least partially. Kate lives two lives – one where her daughter, Olivia,  is alive and another where she tragically dies. In the first perspective, Kate grapples with love after her ex-husband’s abandonment and Olivia slowly distancing herself. In the second perspective, Kate experiences intense emotions and contemplates the meaning of life as she lives through a mother’s worst nightmare.

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Evil Eye by Etaf Rum 9/5

Yara was raised by a conservative Palestinian-American family in Brooklyn but is determined to write the script of her future. She married an entrepreneur, moved to the suburbs, and obtained her bachelor’s degree, but still feels there is something missing. When disturbing instances begin to occur, filling Yara with uncertainty and her mother’s superstition, Yara finds herself second guessing everything. As Yara reflects on her carefully manicured life, she ponders how influential one’s past can be on their future.

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Beverly Bonnefinche Is Dead by Kristen Seeley 9/5

Beverly Bonnefinche prefers a routine. Her three favorite things are her parents, books, and a homeless man named Bill. On a chance encounter, she meets Henry who is intrigued by Beverly. Despite herself, Beverly begins trying new things, meeting new people and becoming a woman she barely recognizes. As life throws Beverly a few curveballs, she grapples with continuing to let life happen to her or asserting herself as the rightful main character in her own story.

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Rogue by Mona Awad 9/12

Examining the impact of the beauty industry and its unrealistic but captivating standards, Rogue follows Belle as she seeks to find answers after her mother’s unexpected death. At her mother’s funeral, a woman in red attends, providing Belle with a potential clue regarding her mother’s death. As Belle begins her investigation, she is brought to La Maison de Méduse, a cult-like spa her mother frequented where she uncovers the secret behind her and her mother’s obsession with the mirror and beauty standards.

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Better Left Unsaid

Better Left Unsaid by Tufayel Ahmed 9/20

Imran, Sumaya and Majid are siblings, but since their mother’s death the distance between them has only widened and they yearn to fulfill the promises they made. As ambitious as they might be a viral news piece threatens to undo the pleasant facades they have carefully crafted. Desperate to regain control and prevent long kept secrets from coming to the light, they are forced to turn to each other but has too much time past?

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The Museum of Failures

The Museum of Failures by Thrity Umrigar 9/26

Remy Wadia moved to the United States intent on omitting the memories of his life in India with his insufferable mother. Later in life, Remy decides to adopt a baby in Bombay and upon his return plans to see his severely ill mother. Despite his resentment towards his mother, Remy empathizes and commits to helping her regain her health. At his mother’s home, Remy discovers an old photograph and his suspicious raise – who are these people? What other secrets have his parents hidden? If he unearths the truth can Remy learn to forgive his parents or will he allow his anger to win?

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Land of Milk and Honey by C Pam Zhang 9/26

This intriguing narrative follows a young chef as she rediscovers the pleasure of food and sexual desires that elevate her perspectives and experiences. In this new world, she is enlivened and driven to transform the world beyond food.

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Family Meal by Bryan Washington 10/10

Family Meal is an emotional powerhouse that follows Cam as his life crumbles in the wake of losing the love of his life. Left without many options and followed by Kai’s ghost, Cam returns to his hometown of Houston. Upon his return, Cam reconnects with his former best friend, TJ. Cam struggles to navigating the tension between them. Will the rekindled friendship help them move forward or should they leave the past where it belongs and let the things left unsaid strangle them?

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The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella 10/10

Sasha cannot remember the last time she did something fun. Her life has become mundane and efforts to liven things up seem like too much work. Determined to put in a little effort, Sasha visits a seaside resort during the off season and runs into a disgruntled gentleman named Finn. Sasha and Finn have little in common besides their apparent burnout but when random messages appear in the sand the communication lines begin to open between the two and they soon discover there is a spark that might be worth exploring.

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What you do to me

What You Do To Me by Rochelle B. Weinstein 10/17

An emotional second chance romance following journalist Cecilia James, determined to uncover the identity of the inspiration behind rock’s classic love songs. As Cecilia conducts her investigation she discovers that Eddie Vee’s most moving love songs were inspired by his first love, Sara Friedman. Unfortunately the timing wasn’t right for these lovebirds and all they’re left with is memories. As Cecilia fights to give Eddie and Sara the happily ever after they always dreamed of, she also learns that a broken heart can be mended in time.

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The Favorites by Rosemary Hennigan 11/14

Every student on Franklin University’s campus would give anything to be accepted into the Law and Literature cohort. That is every student except Jessie Mooney whose intentions are beyond privilege, she intends to expose professor Jay Crane. After Jessie discovers her sister’s secret relationship with professor Crane, Jessie suspects his involvement surrounding her sister’s death. Vying for the title of his “favorite”, Jessie gains more than just professor Crane’s admiration; she gains his trust and with that she will unearth the truth.

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Happy by Celina Baljeet Basra 11/14

A poetically daring novel illustrating the experiences of migrant workers, the food industry, and corruption. Happy is a young man working the land in his rural village with dreams of becoming a renowned actor in Europe evoking visceral emotions from audiences in his melancholy roles. Happy’s immigrant journey is anything but inspiring as corruption is lurking around every corner. Fortunately for Happy, his daydreams enable him to live out the life he so desperately desires and escape from his grim reality.

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Alice Sadie Celine by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright 11/28

This novel is an interwoven narrative following three women: Alice – an actor struggling to find stardom, Sadie – Alice’s best friend from high school, and Celine – Sadie’s mom and a gender studies professor at UC Berkeley. On the night of Alice’s performance in The Winter’s Tale she’s impatiently waiting to spot Sadie in the audience, but Sadie has plans with her boyfriend so she recruits her mother as her replacement for the evening. Celine attends Alice’s show and is enticed by Alice’s beauty. What starts as a crush quickly develops and the intricacies of Alice being Sadie’s best friend and Celine being Sadie’s mother challenge the boundaries of both women.

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