Not only are longer days and warmer weather on the way for spring, but love is 100% in the air! If your TBR could use a little romance or we’ve got you covered. From the return of auto-buy authors like Emily Henry and Abby Jimenez to some new voices, here are some romances you won’t want to miss this spring.

The Partner Plot by Kristina Forest (2/27)

Violet is a celebrity stylist who lives a lavish lifestyle of traveling all over the world. Her personal life, however, is a mess. It’s been six months since Violet had a very public breakup and right as the dust is settling, she runs into her high school boyfriend, Xavier. The two decide to celebrate their reunion in Vegas which in turn finds them waking up the next morning with rings on their fingers. When the two realize both of their careers could benefit from this marriage, they come up with a plan to play a happily married couple. It’s almost too perfect, as long their dormant feelings don’t begin to resurface.

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This Could be Us

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan (3/5)

Soledad Barnes is prepared for everything and the kind of woman who makes life look effortless. A true domestic goddess who can plan parties, design anything, and make the perfect vinaigrette. But when catastrophe strikes and the life she built with who she assumed was the perfect man goes up in flames, Soledad has no time to lick her wounds. She’s determined to keep a roof over her children’s heads and care for them. When a forbidden romance comes into the picture, Soledad finds herself wondering if it’s worth the risk.

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Take Two Birdie Maxwell

Take Two, Birdie Maxwell by Allison Winn Scotch (3/5)

Hollywood’s leading rom-com actress, Birdie Robinson, flees to her hometown to escape a tarnished reputation, only to find a mysterious love letter from an ex-boyfriend proposing a second chance. Teaming up with Elliot O’Brien, a journalist and old flame, they embark on a journey in an RV to trace her past loves in search of the letter’s author, discovering that perhaps their own chance at a happy ending is within reach, challenging the notion that such endings are only for the movies.

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Happily Never After

Happily Never After by Lynn Painter (3/12)

Sophie does not want to marry her fiancé when she finds out he’s cheated again but with her future father-in-law as her father’s boss, Sophie needs to find another way…. like a persona objector, someone who shows up at weddings to say, “I object!” Now, Sophie has Max the Objector in her corner, and they start crafting together a plan. But now, the more time Sophie spends with Max, she cannot deny the physical chemistry no matter how much she tries to fight the possibility they are falling for one another.

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In a Not So Perfect World

In a Not So Perfect World by Neely Tubati-Alexander

Sloane Cooper’s only goal is to land her dream job at a prestigious video game company. Her commitment to staying single has never been stronger, especially after a heartbreak. However, an unexpected offer from her hot neighbor, Charlie, to join him on a luxury trip to Turks and Caicos as his faux girlfriend, challenges her resolve. While trying to use the getaway to further her career ambitions, Sloane struggles with her growing feelings for Charlie, risking her professional goals and her heart, in a situation more complex than any video game scenario she’s prepared for.

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The Boyfriend Subscription

The Boyfriend Subscription by Steven Salvatore (3/26)

When his relationship and retail plant business both come to a screeching halt, Teddy Hughes is broke and brokenhearted, trying to drown his sorrows in beer at a local dive bar. Fate seems to be working in Teddy’s favor when the sexy and charming Cole Vivien walks in. Cole is the entrepreneur who created the app VERSTL that allows consumers and sex workers to meet up and form connections. Cole needs something more and a fake boyfriend could help him with his image for a potential investor and Teddy is just the man for the job.

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Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez (4/2)

Justin truly thinks he’s cursed. Every single time he dates a woman, she finds her soulmate the minute they break up. When a Reddit thread exposes Justin, a woman slides into his DMs who has the same problem. Together, Justin and Emma believe if they date each other and break up, it will cancel out both of their curses. Emma is a traveling nurse who has just landed in Minnesota and thinks dating Justin is something she absolutely cannot pass up. When Emma’s toxic mother shows up and Justin becomes the guardian to his three siblings, the unexpected happens and the two find themselves having feelings for one another.

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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun (4/2)

Logan and Rosemary used to be best friends until the summer before high school turned them into enemies. After graduating, they went ten years without speaking. Now, in their thirties, they ae both working as teachers at their alma mater and couldn’t be more different. When their former English teacher and mentor tells them he only has a few months to live, the two decide to set aside their differences to take him on his lifelong dream of a cross-country road trip.

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How to End a Love Story

How to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang (4/9)

It’s been thirteen years since a tragic accident bound Helen Zhang and Grant Shepard together for life. Now, Helen is a bestselling author dealing with writer’s block and believes LA is the fresh start she needs when she gets a spot on the writers’ room of the TV adaption of one of her books. Grant still suffers panic attacks and has tried to move on from the past into his new life as a screenwriter. When Grant can’t turn down an opportunity to write for Helen’s show, the two reunite and the sparks begin to fly no matter how hard they fight it.

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The Kiss Countdown

The Kiss Countdown by Etta Easton (4/9)

Amerie Price is an event planner who is newly single and about to lose her apartment. Left with no choice, she must rely on her shaky start-up to make ends meet. When Amerie accidentally spills her Americano on a sexy man in a coffee shop, things become worse when she runs into her ex and his new girlfriend, so Amerie ends up lying and says she’s dating the man she spilled her coffee on. The man, Vincent, is an astronaut and has his own plans with Amerie. If she will pretend to be his girlfriend for three months leading up to his mission, she can have a room rent-free in his house to put her money toward her business. What could go wrong?

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Funny Story by Emily Henry (4/23)

Daphne thought she had the perfect love story with her fiancé, Peter was the best at telling the story of how they met and fell in love. Unfortunately for Daphne, Peter then realized he was in love with his childhood best friend, Petra. Now Daphne has to start over in Waning Bay, Michigan with no friends or family of her own and the only person who she could possibly be roommates with is none other than Petra’s ex, Miles. When the two form an unexpected friendship and a plan to get back at Peter and Petra, Daphne realizes her new story could include a chapter on unexpected love.

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Nearly Wed by Nicolas DiDomizio (5/21)

Most wouldn’t think a relationship between Ray and Kip would ever work out. Ray is a millennial who overshares every thought online and Kip is a Gen X doctor who keeps everything private. When Ray convinces Kip to join him for an early honeymoon in his coastal New England hometown, an encounter with another couple at the resort leads to a series of drama and miscommunications. As the couple is now forced to look at their many differences, they wonder if they have what it takes to work through their issues before their wedding day.

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