Fall is quickly approaching, and this new season is filled with electrifying YA novels that will have you in your feels so grab your blanket and find your favorite reading spot. Take your pick on list of binge-worthy titles of dark and sinister or love and belonging whichever your fancy these books will have you up way past your bedtime.

Song of Iris

Songs of Irie by Asha Bromfield

Songs of Iris is a beautiful thought-provoking narrative set in Jamaica in the 1970s illustrating the impact of civil unrest. Irie and Jilly both attend the same high school but that is where their similarities end – Jilly’s life as the daughter of a high-profile politician affords her opportunity, access, and ignorance while Irie’s life in Kingston exposes her to danger forcing her to grow up fast in order to survive. As the school year ends and the girls begin thinking about their futures, reggae music alights their curiosity for more and also deepens their feelings for each other.

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Foul Heart Huntsman

Foul Heart Huntsman by Chloe Gong

The race continues for Rosalind Lang, a national spy who has just been exposed. Time is ticking as she plans to find Orion, but this complicates things a bit. The only way she can leave the city undetected is by participating in a national tour but as luck would have things do not go according to plan and her mission of saving Orion and destroying a dangerous chemical weapon seem impossible.

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An Impossible Thing to Say

An Impossible Thing to Say by Arya Shahi

Omid cannot seem to find the correct words and method for delivering how he’s feeling as he searches for belonging in his Iranian culture and American community. Familial and romantic love prove challenging in a world that claims to already know him. As he immerses himself in the lyrical prowess of rap music he comes alive and his voice is heard. But when tragedy strikes Omid cannot seem to find the answers and no one wants to help.

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The Search for Us

The Search for Us by Susan Azim Boyer

The Search for Us is an emotionally driven novel following Samira Murphy and Henry Owen. When each individually initiated a search for their biological father they did not anticipate they would find out about a half sibling. Samira is out of options as she prepares for college and is hoping her biological father will support her. While Henry is looking for someone who understands him and will love him unconditionally. When the DNA results are delivered and Samira and Henry discover they are half siblings they decide to continue their search and unpack the layers of a man they never knew, shining a light on a powerful sibling bond.

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Everyone's Thinking It

Everyone’s Thinking It by Aleema Omotoni

Iyanu and Kitan are estranged cousins who attend the same prestigious boarding school but the circles they are in are polar opposites. In fact, Iyanu prefers to stick to herself and remain behind her camera while Kitan runs with the popular girls and gives an air of untouchability. But when Iyanu’s camera is stolen and everyone’s secrets are exposed, no one can hide and all fingers point to Iyanu but the mystery of identifying who stole her camera continues and the truth is shocking.

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Check and Mate

Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood

Chess destroyed everything for Mallory Greenleaf and she’s determined to leave the past where it belongs and focus on her future. But when she decides to play in a final charity tournament and beats the current world champion, Nolan Sawyer, she’s not ready to give up this feeling. No one can figure out how Nolan lost to a rookie but he’s eager to play Mallory again.

Mallory continues competing and despite her disdain for chess and the trouble it brought her last time, she cannot delay her love for the game, the prizes, and the charming competition.

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Curses and Other Buried Things

Curses and Other Buried Things by Caroline George

This multi-generational saga follows Susana Prather as she desperately tries to end a family curse. For seven generations, the women in Susana’s family have disappeared in their backyard swamp. When Susana begins experiencing an unnatural pull towards the swamp and wakes up soaked she fears this is a losing battle. As Susana searches for answers, secrets and isolation threaten to consume her.

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Girl on Trial

Girl on Trial by Kathleen Fine

Emily Keller hasn’t had it easy growing up in a trailer park in Baltimore and when she’s accused of murder things don’t get any easier. Donned “Keller the Killer”, Emily must prove her innocence by fighting against the media but her past is haunting her and the events of that heinous night are convoluted leaving her life in the jury’s hands.

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Flower and Thorn

Flower and Thorn by Rati Mehrotra

Irinya’s mother mysteriously disappeared prompting Irinya to become a flower hunter. Her valuable expertise of magical flowers serves her and her caravan well as they navigate the desert. When her hunting partner discovers a rare silver spider lily, Irinya can only imagine the new life this will give them, but she is deceived by an imposter. Nothing will stop Irinya. She is desperate to right her wrongs and take back the silver spider lily but the treacherous journey is one of life and death.

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Monstrous by Jessica Lewis

Latavia is spending the summer in Sanctum, Alabama with her aunt. In this weird town, there are a strict set of rules Latavia must follow: don’t go outside past dark, come straight home after church and never go into Red Wood. Latavia knows there are things people, including her aunt, are hiding and she cannot shake the feeling of being an outsider. One night, Latavia is taken into Red Wood and offered as a human sacrifice to an ancient monster so it’s clear this is the end. But Latavia refuses to give up easily and when pushed to her limits she may even transform.

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Realm of Wonders

Realm of Wonders by Alexandra Monir

The story didn’t end with defeating Jafar. Jasmine and Aladdin should be planning their wedding, but instead, her father, the sultan dies and she is left to rule Agrabah. Only not everyone believes she’s worthy. Faced with a dangerous tournament to earn her throne, a growing distance between she and Aladdin and a mysterious voice beckoning her, Jasmine has to wage war on many fronts to find her happily ever after as sultana of Agrabah.

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