Each month, BookSparks founder Crystal Patriarche shares what she reads so you can grab the books released that month that need to be on your radar. As we cozy up for fall, these are the books that can’t be missed.

Death Valley

Death Valley by Melissa Broder

A woman is attempting to get away from the pressures of an ailing father and husband. She seeks refuge at a Best Western in the California high desert. When the receptionist offers her direction in the form of a hike, she sets herself on an unexpected path. An encounter with an unusual cactus propels her into a journey of self-exploration.

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The Intern

The Intern by Michele Campbell

When Madison takes an internship working for Judge Conroy, there’s more than meets the eye. Madison’s brother has been arrested and he swears the judge is dirty. So she is there to get the truth, but soon she finds herself pulled into the judge’s glamorous world. As the two get wrapped up in a dangerous game, they could be each other’s salvation, or for one of them, the end.

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Family Meal by Bryan Washington

After the loss of the love of his life, Cam leaves L.A. to return home to Houston. Haunted by Kai’s ghost, he falls back into step with his best friend TJ. As they tread familiar ground, they both must learn the new versions of one another as well as reconcile the past they share.

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The Leftover Woman

The Leftover Woman by Jean Kwok

Jasmine has fled China and landed in New York City, fleeing her husband and desperate to find the child she was forced to give up. Rebecca is a wealthy, career-driven women with prestige and an adopted daughter she adores. When the two women’s worlds collide, their shared love of a child is the only thing that binds these radically different women.

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How to Say Babylon

How to Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair

Safiya was raised under the strict enforcement of her Rastafarian father’s rule. Expected to remain pure, clothed in long dresses to hide her legs and arms, taught to be obedient above all other things, her one escape was in the books her mother provided for her. Through this a love of poetry and a discovery of her own voice erupts. This ultimately leads to a clash with her father, but the freedom she deserves.

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Distant Sons

Distant Sons by Tim Johnston

Sean Courtland’s life took a turn when he met Denise and Dan. The seemingly chance encounters lead him down an unexpected road. With Denise, he got into a bar fight defending her. As for Dan, they connected and started working on a construction project. When they discover the project is haunted by the death of three boys, a detective enters his life. As these coincidental connections unearth buried secrets, the truth bubbles to the surface in a crime thriller that is shocking, beautiful and captivating.

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