Every month, BookSparks CEO, Crystal Patriarche, shares her must-read books. For this roundup, she’s covering all the books to add to your TBR for the whole summer reading season. From intense thrillers to heartfelt romances to emotional coming-of-age stories, this summer’s selection has something for everyone. 

Anna Bright is Hiding Something by Susie Orman Schnall 

Anna Bright is secretly committing fraud, unbeknownst to her company’s board, investors, the public eagerly awaiting the launch of BrightSpot, and the media. But when journalist Jamie Roman discovers Anna’s misconduct, a cross-country investigation ensues to expose Anna and boost Jamie’s career. As the IPO of BrightLife approaches, Anna becomes aware of Jamie’s intentions and is determined to stop her at all costs. 

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The Grandest Garden by Gina L. Carroll

Bella Fontaine, who just finished college and is fueled by her first international photography competition win, leaves Los Angeles to pursue her dreams across the country in New York City. She is hoping to overcome her traumatic childhood and build her artistic career, but her past secrets threaten to resurface and hinder her progress and relationships. Bella’s journey is interwoven with memories from her grandmothers, Miriam and Olivette, whose bonds and beautiful gardens provided her refuge throughout her childhood. Follow Bella on a journey through her past and present, as she comes of age and her family ties are broken, leaving her to fend for herself prematurely. 

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All the Summers in Between by Brooke Lea Foster 

In the summer of 1967, wealthy Margot and local Thea form an unlikely and fast friendship while working together in a record store, but a tragic accident separates the two for ten years until Margot reappears seeking help with a dangerous secret. Thea, now an unsatisfied housewife, is drawn to the excitement Margot brings but is struggling with trust after their rocky past. Set between 1967 and 1977, All the Summers in Between explores the ideas of complex friendship, the allure of the Hamptons, and coming-of-age through tragedy. 

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What Fire Brings by Rachel Howzell Hall 

Bailey Meadows moves into thriller author Jack Beckham’s remote Topanga Canyon home to be his writer-in-residence, to help him regain his former bestseller status. But her true mission is to find Sam Morris, a community leader who has recently disappeared in the surrounding canyon. As she dives into the dangers of the drought-stricken forest, notorious for wildfires and dangerous wildlife, Bailey discovers the story of another woman’s disappearance. But when she connects this woman’s disappearance with the Beckham estate from decades ago, she must uncover the truth before she becomes the next victim. 

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Sandwich by Catherine Newman

For the past twenty years, Rocky has cherished her family’s annual Cape Cod vacations, full of sweet memories and emotional messes. This year, with her half-grown kids and aging parents, promises similar delights despite Rocky’s menopausal challenges and intense life changes. But as events lead her to relive the past summers’ tenderness and sorrow, Rocky must confront the issues with her family and their future and realize that she cannot keep her secrets from her family forever. 

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Rip Tide

Rip Tide by Colleen McKeegan

Fifteen years after vowing never to return, Kimmy Devine finds herself back in her old hometown of Rocky Cape in South Jersey, helping her dad with the family hardware store. Meanwhile, her sister Erin is struggling with fertility issues and a divorce. Both sisters are drawn into the nostalgia of the town despite the painful memories, only for their return celebration to be marred by a body being discovered near their parents’ yacht club. As old secrets become revealed, it becomes clear that someone from their past is out for revenge.

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Summer Fridays by Suzanne Rindell

In the summer of 1999, Sawyer, a twenty-something striving to make it in New York is facing loneliness as her fiancé is drifting apart and spending more time with his female colleague, Kendra. When she meets Kendra’s boyfriend Nick to discuss their suspicions, they clash and leave their meeting hating each other. But when Nick reaches out with an apology the two develop an unexpected friendship. As Sawyer and Nick push each other to grow and find happiness, they begin to live for their Friday afternoons together, leaving them to wonder what will happen when summer ends.

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You Are Here by David Nicholls 

Michael is adrift, after his wife left he now spends his days taking long solitary walks to avoid his empty house. Meanwhile, Marnie is hiding in her London flat, avoiding any and all reminders of her ex-husband as she battles her loneliness with books. But when a persistent friend and some unpredictable weather pushes Michael and Marnie into a ten-day hike together, they may discover exactly what they have been looking for, if they can survive the trip.

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All the Colors of the Dark by Chris Whitaker 

In 1975 America, as the Vietnam War ended and sporting events like Ali vs. Frazier went on, girls have started to disappear in Monta Clare, Missouri. A local boy named Patch rescues the daughter of a wealthy family, but his actions bring about heartache. As Patch and his loved ones search for answers, they uncover a truth that could tear them apart forever. This unique blend of mystery, thriller, and romance will keep you turning each page with more anticipation. 

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Margo's Got Money Troubles

Margo’s Got Money Troubles by Rufi Thorpe

Margo Millet, raised by a Hooters waitress and a former wrestler, finds herself pregnant after a short affair with her English professor. Despite her dire financial situation, she decides to keep the baby. Alone and on the brink of being broke and evicted, Margo lets her estranged father live with her to help with the baby and she starts an OnlyFans account, using her father’s advice on entertaining a crowd. But will this online endeavor be the win she has so desperately needed or will her internet fame be the end of her? 

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Summer Romance by Annabel Monaghan

Ali Morris’s life is a mess, with her mom recently passing and her husband leaving her, she hasn’t worn zippered pants in a long time. But when she finally takes off her wedding ring she meets someone. A man who looks at her like she is everything he ever wanted. A man who might just be able to pull her out of this downward spiral. Surely a little summer romance could not cause any harm. 

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Reunion by Elise Juska

In June of 2021, three old college friends head to New England for their belated twenty-fifth reunion. Hope is looking for a break from her tense marriage and parenting during the pandemic, Adam is reluctant to leave his secluded but happy family life, and Polly has to be persuaded by her teenage son to go to the reunion. The three old friends are not like they remember each other and their past and present challenges are starting to catch up to them. Reunion is a moving novel about the good and bad parts of friendship, and what it takes to stick together and make it through.

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The Lucky Ones by Zara Chowdhary

In 2002, sixteen-year-old Zara Chowdhary’s life in Ahmedabad was upended when a tragic train fire killed sixty Hindu volunteers, leading to violence against five million Muslims, including her family, who endured a three-month siege. As Zara’s neighbors turn into murderous mobs, the chief minister is accused of inciting the massacre then promoted to India’s prime minister, and the country falls into a state of Hindu nationalism. The Lucky Ones tells the history of a multigenerational Muslim family in India, showcasing their resilience and grace as the world around them falls to violence. 

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One of Our Kind by Nicola Yoon

Jasmyn and King Williams make a move to Liberty, California, seeking a Black utopia where their family can thrive. But as King quickly acclimates to the new environment and embraces the community’s wellness-focused ethos, Jasmyn is struggling to fit in and find herself. She had anticipated finding activists and liberals but now finds herself surrounded by residents more interested in the spa than global issues. As Jasmyn’s frustration deepens she seeks answers and finds something that she could never have anticipated, a dark secret about Liberty’s founders that could destroy their lives. 

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This Used to Be Us by Renee Carlino

After being together for twenty-two years, Danielle and Alex are getting a divorce but decide to share a nesting apartment, alternating days with their teenage boys in the shared home. During their time alone in the apartment, the couple is able to reflect on the past relationship and learn about themselves, with Dani excelling at her work and Alex learning to love again in a new relationship. Despite their separation, the two exes can’t seem to stay away from each other, and when a family crisis occurs the two are shocked into remembering their past love.

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