What lurks behind that door? Who’s watching from that window? Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of book covers with doors and windows highlighted where mysteries thrive. Thrillers, suspense and more, here are some of our favorite books that showcase that mysterious door that you may be afraid to open, or that window you don’t dare look inside. Let’s judge these books by their covers!

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

In 1922 on house arrest in a Russian hotel, Count Alexander Rostov lives in the attic as he watches the world unfold before him from the window. Through his eyes, Rostov will share moments of emotional discovery, wit and insight from his entrapment in this humorous and touching story.

When Never Comes by Barbara Davis

Runaway Christy-Lynn knows all too well what it’s like to not have a permanent address. She thought she was safe for a while, married to crime novelist Stephen Ludlow. But when his car crashes into the bay on an icy night and a mysterious woman is found dead alongside him, Christy-Lynn runs away, desperate to not be part of the media circus. When she discovers her husband and his lover had a daughter together, Christy-Lynn can’t abandon the little girl and opens up to forgiveness and love for the child so that she won’t have to experience a life like she had.

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Jack and Grace are the couple everyone wants to know. Everyone is drawn to their charm, good looks and wealth, and are captivated by the love they have for one another. But ‘behind closed doors’ there is another story. One where Grace can’t go out, where it seems she may be a prisoner in her own home. No one is sure what happens inside once the parties are over and everyone leaves and Jack and Grace are there inside alone.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

When Jules gets a job as an apartment sitter at the elite Bartholomew building, she is ready to take on her task. There are rules though: No visitors are allowed, she can’t spend nights away from the apartment building and there is to be no disrupting the famous and rich residents. When she meets Ingrid, another apartment sitter in the building, she tells Jules of the dark history there. And then, Ingrid disappears. Jules must dig into the past to find out what happened to Ingrid, and find a way to escape the Bartholomew before something sinister happens to her.

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

When four school friends are reunited when one of them texts, “I need you,” they all return to their boarding school to finish what they started. In school, they played the Lying Game where they lied to students and teachers for fun. But now, they are facing a backlash from their lies and they must confront the past and the secret they thought that had been long since buried.

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Anna Fox is an agoraphobic who drinks too much wine, watches old movies and spies on her neighbors. One night, when she sees something she shouldn’t see occur between her new neighbors, her simple world is turned upside down. Filled with twists and turns, The Woman in the Window is a debut thriller revered by many readers.

Spare Room by Dreda Say Mitchell

When Lisa finds a great room for rent, she hopes her luck will change. The owners seem really nice and things are good until she finds a suicide note in her room. When the owners insist that no man ever lived there prior to Lisa’s arrival, she has her doubts and starts to investigate the mystery. When strange things begin to happen, Lisa starts to understand that maybe she’s not supposed to know what happened in the spare room.

Find Me by André Aciman

In Find Me, the story of Call Me by Your Name’s Elio and Oliver continues. Elio is now a gifted pianist who has moved to Paris and Oliver is a college professor with a family. Another passionate and intimate novel by André Aciman, this story asks the question: Does true love ever die?

Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda

When Jessa’s ex-boyfriend Caleb dies in an accident, his mother asks for help in packing up his room, even though she thinks Jessa caused the accident. In Caleb’s room, memories of their time together surface and Jessa starts to question the relationship she had. Through each memory, Jessa searches for the truth about what really happened that night on the bridge, and the biggest question of all is did she even really ever know Caleb?

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