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As the weather warms up, we will also be turning up the heat with these new releases. If your book club is looking for some fresh picks, we’ve got 10 new titles that are sure to bring a little sunshine to your way. Whether you’re into romance, historical fiction, or anything in between, this list definitely has something for everyone.

To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters

This one is giving us Bridgerton vibes and we are living for it. If your book club digs historical fiction romance, put this novel on the list. One night, a bet is made amongst the English high society that Jeremy will get married within a year or Diana will have to surrender one-hundred pounds. Along Jeremy’s quest to find a lady, rumor has it that his bedroom skills are subpar, and this sends him into a tailspin. Jeremy makes a wild suggestion that Diana critique his skills, and she agrees. As these two continue to play the game, they just might find that they are both about to win at love.

Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson

For book clubs seeking out a good crime novel, look no further than Mother May I. Raised in poverty, Bree was well aware that the world could be cruel. However, she took a different path and married into money, completely changing her outlook on life. She got everything she dreamed of – a beautiful family complete with a newborn baby boy. One morning, Bree sees what appears to be a witch staring at her through the window. Shaking it off as a dream, she quickly realizes that this is a real-life nightmare when the woman kidnaps her son. What unfolds next is a tangled mess that threatens to tear this family apart.

Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Hype: How Scammers, Grifters, and Con Artists Are Taking Over the Internet―and Why We’re Following by Gabrielle Bluestone

If non-fiction is your jam, we’ve got you covered with this relevant release. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we see scams all the time. Whether it’s a phone call about your expiring extended warranty that you don’t have, tickets to a phony music festival, or a scandalous start-up that was only successful at taking money from investors, we live in a time where this has moved from a rarity to becoming reality. This eye-opening book takes a deep dive into how we got here and more importantly, how we can get out of it.

Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Victories Greater Than Death by Charlie Jane Anders

Science fiction fantasy is having a moment and we are here for it; we have a feeling your book club will be, too. From the outside in, Tina seems like a typical teenager, but she is anything other than ordinary. What sets her apart is that she is responsible for the interplanetary rescue beacon, and when it activates, she’s going to save all the worlds! However, she quickly learns that when the beacon turns on, so does danger. Realizing that she can’t save the worlds by herself, she leans on her squad for support. This display of determination will have you rooting for Tina and her team until the very last page.

Publication Date: April 13, 2021

The Forest of Stolen Girls by June Hur

This mystery is full of suspense and especially enjoyable for those book clubs who like a good scare. Hwani’s family is still reeling from the disappearance of both her and her sister. Eventually they were found alive, unconscious and in the forest. After some time, Hwani’s detective father discovers that thirteen more girls have gone missing from that same forest. In an effort to investigate, Detective Min puts himself in the center of danger and becomes the next victim to vanish. Hwani knows she has to step in, but this means stepping back into buried memories to end this crime cycle once and for all.

Publication Date: April 20, 2021

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

For the book clubs that like a little adventure, this novel is one to reach for. When Corayne uncovers that the world will soon be facing destruction, she knows that as the last one standing from an ancient lineage, she has no choice but to do all that she can. Yet, she is not alone in her quest to make things right. Standing behind her in this battle is an assassin, an immortal, and a squire. Along with them, an ancient sorceress, a bounty hunter, and a forger join the group as night falls. Together they form an unlikely troop and use all of their superpowers to take back their land.

Publication Date: May 4, 2021

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead

After Marian Graves survives a sinking ship accident in 1914, her life is forever changed. One day, when a couple of pilots were passing through town, she knew in an instant that flying was what she was meant to do. At just fourteen-years-old, she dropped out of school and her dreams take flight…but not without some haunting tradeoffs. Fast forward 100 years, and Hadley Baxter is set to play Marian in a movie. As the lives of the ladies intertwine, the reader realizes that these women have more than less in common. This beautiful work of historical fiction is the perfect addition to any book club’s list.

Publication Date: May 4, 2021

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

It’s just another ho-hum day in New York City for twenty-three-year-old August. Bored and alone, she’s succumbed to an ordinary life, until one day, she spots someone extraordinary on the subway. Once she lays her eyes on Jane, she can’t stop staring. She quickly learns that things aren’t always what they seem, and August soon discovers that Jane is stuck in the past – literally. Somehow stuck in 1970, August makes it her mission to solve this mystery and in doing so, she starts to believe in magic herself. For those book clubs who love Lesbian literature with a side of romance, this is the pick for you.

Publication Date: June 1, 2021

Where It All Lands by Jennie Wexler

If your book club likes to indulge in good Young Adult novel, Where It All Lands is the perfect pick. Stevie Rosenstein never really grew roots because her dad’s job was always taking her from one new city to another. Because of that, she also did not allow herself to get close to anyone, until she met best friends Drew and Shane. Those two were thick as thieves, and when Stevie slid into town, everything changed. Their heart wrenching stories show how both choices and chance can change an outcome in the blink of an eye.

Publication date: July 6, 2021

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

Quan Diep is living his best life – from frog to prince, he’s catching the attention of all the ladies now that he’s a big time CEO. Even though she turned him down years ago, Camilla is starting to look in his direction, despite that she is newly engaged. When her older sister Anna sees what’s going on, she makes it her mission to step in and seduce Quan, even though she acts like she can’t stand him. As Anna and Quan get closer, they’re forced to confront the past so that they can face the future. This novel gives us all the feels and it’s perfect for the book clubs looking to add a little romance to the mix.

Publication Date: August 17, 2021