Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered to have swoon-worthy romances with you all month long. Be prepared to see some of these ones trending on BookTok and Bookstagram throughout the month. Whether you’re looking for a little spice with your romance or a perfect rom-com from cover to cover, here are some of the best romance novels for you and possible your book club to dive into this month.

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey (2/7)

Hallie fell hard for Julian – and even almost kissed him – when she was fourteen. Years later, Julian returns to town and Hallie is hired to work on the gardens of Julian’s family winery, but Julian is completely different than he used to be and their personalities clash. After a little too much wine, Hallie leaves a letter confessing her feelings to Julian. Although Julian’s life is one big strict regimen, he cannot seem to keep chaotic Hallie out of his mind.

Just My Type by Falon Ballard (2/7)

Lana Parker has always been in relationships and finds herself to be an expert at them, so much so that she is the dating and relationships columnist for a trendy Los Angeles website. Then, Lana finds herself single and is ready for a break when her high school ex, Seth, takes a job at her site. Though they can’t deny their chemistry, things take a wild turn when Lana’s boss gives them an assignment that sparks a competition between the two.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace (2/7)

Anastasia has a full scholarship to the University of California, including a place on  the competitive figure skating team. Nothing will take this away from Anastasia, including Nate Hawkins, captain of the hockey team. Nate is just trying to keep his team on the ice they now have to share with the figure skating team after an incident. Though the two don’t necessarily see eye to eye, they might have to put their differences aside when Anastasia’s skating partner deals with an issue that could affect all of them.

End of Story by Kylie Scott (2/14)

Susie Bowen has just inherited a fixer-upper from her aunt and is excited to turn this into her dream home, until she meets her contractor. Lars is none other than Susie’s ex-boyfriends best friend and the situation is less than ideal. When Lars is working, he finds a divorce certificate dated ten years into the future with him and Susie’s names on it that brings the two closer together. But is it worth falling into those feelings when the relationship seems doomed to begin with?

The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest (2/28)

Lily Greene dreams of being an editor for children’s books, but has been stuck in nonfiction work for years. One thing Lily always looks forward to is her messages back and forth with her favorite fantasy author, until he ultimately ghosts her. Months later, Lily is still bummed but more determined than ever to control her own life. When she turns to her handsome neighbor to ask him to be her date for her sister’s wedding, the chemistry is definitely there….and it should be. Nick Brown is the fantasy author that Lily was corresponding with.