With spring comes the warmer weather and this month, love is 100% in the air. If you’re looking for some love stories to get you through this month, here are what we expect to see trending on social media in the month of March!

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Good for You by Camille Pagan (3/1)

To get back at petty coworkers, editor in chief of All Good magazine, Aly Jackson, ends up having a public meltdown that could end her career. To keep her job (and sanity), Aly agrees to a monthlong unpaid leave in which she travels to Lake Michigan to stay at the lake house her brother left her after his death. But her brother also left the house ot his lazy best friend, Wyatt. Aly wants to sell the house and Wyatt doesn’t. When the war begins, Aly starts to wonder if maybe she and Wyatt have more in common than she thought.

Sapphire Storm by Christopher Rice (3/7)

While forty-three-year-old Ethan Blake has his dream job as a pastry chef at the exclusive Sapphire Cove resort, life hasn’t always been easy for Ethan. A while ago, his parents had kicked him out of their house for being gay and he doesn’t want the world to know how he made ends meet. Meanwhile, twenty-five-year-old Roman Walker has just arrived with revenge on his mind as he and Ethan crossed paths before. But things don’t always go as planned when Roman finds himself involved in a scandal and Ethan is the only one who can help.

Mr. and Mrs. Witch by Gwenda Bond (3/7)

Savannah Wilde is a powerful witch (only known to her fellow witches) who is about to get married, but she’s keeping a secret from her future husband. Meanwhile, Griffin Carter is a top agent for an organization that hunts witches. When the big day finally comes, they soon find each other’s true identifies and are given the orders to destroy one another. But when they find that there’s an even bigger enemy at large, Savannah and Griffin must join forces to save themselves and one another.

Love and Other Flight Delays by Denise Williams (3/14)

If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to a full novel this month? Love and Other Flight Delays has you covered with this collection of short novellas! One story features an airport pet groomer in a fake-dating situation with a professional risk assessor moonlighting as a romance author. Another connection has two strangers embarking on a business trip as professional rivals who once shared a romantic evening together. Another connection features two best friends who secretly have feelings for one another fighting against the clock to return a lost love letter.

Right Girl, Wrong Side by Ginny Baird (3/28)

Evita Machado just wants to get to Nantucket with her family so she can relax and mend her broken heart after a brutal breakup. Once the family arrives to the cottage, it looks like another family is already there and of course it’s the family of Evita’s high school crush, Ryan. Even though it’s an accidental double-booking, both families agree to stay and share the space. With both families being so opposite, Evita and Ryan must try to keep the peace while the chemistry grows between the two.