Sober Mom Squad is a virtual community that was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. It all started with an Instagram post from group founder Emily Paulson asking how she could best serve her audience.

Paulson and her four co-hosts each have different backgrounds, live in different states and have different sobriety journeys. The squad is committed to supporting other moms as they balance motherhood without substances.

Here’s some recommended reading from each of the Sober Mom Squad members.

Celeste Yvonne’s Book Pick

Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker

This book has changed everything about what we think about drinking, drinking culture, alcoholism, and what it means to be an alcoholic. I will never look at anything the same way again… drinking, alcohol, and being a woman in a patriarchal society. This book is for any woman who drinks or knows someone who does. In other words, this book is for every woman and it will change the world. I am certain of it.

Jen Elizabeth’s Book Pick

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Recovery, for me, is all about dismantling the cages that I kept myself captive in for so long! Every single word of this book reminds me that I do not need permission to live true to myself, I just need to believe in my power.

Jessica Landon’s Book Pick

A Return To Love by Marrianne Williamson

This book was my first introduction to a spiritual path that transformed my sobriety and created a shift in perception. It opened the door to creating a beautiful life full of miracles and abundance.

Michelle Smith’s Book Pick

The Naked Mind by Annie Grace

She does such a brilliant job of allowing the reader to come to their own conclusion with their own relationship with alcohol. She uses science and psychology and facts to challenge currently accepted beliefs, which help the reader decide FOR THEMSELVES whether alcohol is serving them or not, and which next steps to take.

Emily Lynn Paulson’s Book Pick

DRINK by Ann Dowsett Johnson

I read this book when I was just days sober. The first chapter alone was validating, comforting, and confronting.  With the turn of every page I found evidence I needed to strengthen my own resolve to get off the hamster wheel of my love affair with booze. Ann wrote this book in a time when NOBODY was talking about this; sober curious wasn’t a thing 9 years ago. Her forward thinking and brave commentary, backed up with solid science and research, marry together beautifully with her incredible writing style. I recommend this book to any woman who has ever questioned their relationship with alcohol.

Read our interview with Emily about starting Sober Mom Squad and finding support in your sobriety journey.

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