As the weather starts to cool down, and the leaves change, so must our reads. In fact, change is the watchword for fall here at SparkPress – all of our delicious titles have to do with change or growth, whether they be memoir, fiction, nonfiction or a children’s title.

If you liked Good Grief by Lolly Winston, read And Now There’s You by Susan S. Etkin

Five years ago, Leila lost her husband to cancer. To deal with her profound loneliness, she fills her life with work, family and friends. So far, this has worked for her – that is until she meets Ayden at a client’s home. As a divorcé of 25 years, he is upfront about his aversion to commitment. But their chemistry is off the charts, and Leila begins to fall under his spell.

If you liked Almost Famous, read A Song for the Road by Rayne Lacko

When Carter’s mother is injured during the tornado that destroyed their home, she tells him to take her hidden money, buy a plane ticket to Reno and stay with his aunt. Little does she know that Carter already used the cash to buy back the guitar his father pawned before he disappeared to Santa Monica. This inspires the 15-year-old to hitchhike across the country instead to find his father.

If you liked Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley, read Below the Moon by Alexis Marie Chute

In this second installation of The 8th Island Trilogy, we continue to follow Ella, her mother Tessa and her grandpa Archie as they attempt to locate a cure. Ella has now been rendered completely mute by her cancer. The cure is entangled in the fate of all worlds and threatened by an evil Star anchored in the sea. Ella and her family must overcome their pasts to ensure the future.

If you liked All Systems Red by Martha Wells, read Echoes of War by Cheryl Campbell

Dani has always believed she was human. She’s been scavenging on the fringes of society, avoiding the local military and the Wardens – a faction of aliens determined to rule Earth and eliminate all who dare oppose. But when she discovers that she’s an Echo – a near-immortal race of alien – everything changes. She is determined to play her part in uniting the Commonwealth’s military and civilians against the Wardens – a gamble that could potentially kill her and wipe out humankind.

If you liked Beautiful Boy by David Sheff, read Even if Your Heart Would Listen: Losing My Daughter to Heroin by Elise Schiller

They say that there is no loss more painful than that of a child. In January 2014, Elise Schiller experienced such a loss. Her daughter, Giana Natali, died of a heroin overdose. To honor her life, Schiller dissects Giana’s treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD), scrutinizes the American substance-use treatment system, explores her own grief, and examines how our nation is failing in its struggle with the opioid epidemic.

If you liked The Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan, read Firewall by Eugenia Lovett West

In this third installment in the Emma Streat Mystery series, Emma has become the go-to person for help. So when Emma’s godmother is blackmailed, she asks Emma for help instead of going to the police. Soon, Emma finds herself flying to a variety of exotic locales, mixing with the elite, involved with various men and entrenched in the world of cybercrime.

If you liked The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete, read Raising a Doodle: Heartwarming Stories from Dog Parents Around the World by Theresa Piasta

Whether you’re a veteran puppy momma or you’re just considering getting your first pup, Raising a Doodle is a go-to guide to raising your poodle-mix. It not only includes tips to train and socialize your pooch and advice on how to keep your doodle healthy but also gives pertinent information on dog developmental stages and is full of stories about the unconditional love a doodle can provide.

If you liked Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, read Roots and Wings: Ten Lessons of Motherhood That Helped Me Create and Run a Company by Margery Kraus and Phyllis J. Piano

Margery Kraus’s parents instilled the value of hard work in her from a young age. As a wife and young mother coming of age in the ’60s, she was faced with obstacles and roadblocks at every turn. However, nothing could stop her: She founded APCO Worldwide in 1984 and grew it from nothing to almost $150 million in revenue. Here, she shares the lessons she learned from motherhood that helped her get there.

If you liked News of the World by Paulette Jiles, read Seventh Flag by Sid Balman, Jr.

In this multi-generational novel, we follow four generations of friendship between the Laws family and the Zarkan family. This friendship can be traced back to a bloody knife fight in a Juarez canteen following WWII. Through the years, the families must adjust to the shifting paradigms of gender, commerce, patriotism, loyalty, religion and sexuality, identity and citizenship.

If you liked The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, read Squirrels in the Wall: A Novel in Stories by Henry Hitz

This collection of interwoven short stories paints the portrait of a life. It follows Barney from infancy to death and traces the contentious relationship between him and his father. It is told not just from the perspective of Barney and the people around him, but also the animals who populate his world. Together, the tales construct a collage of love, death, family and environmental activism.

If you liked The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett, read The Rubicus Prophecy by Alane Adams

In the thrilling sequel to The Blue Witch, Abigail is in her second year at the Tarkana Witch Academy. Beyond the normal course load, Endera’s spellbook is tempting her with dark magic, and the school is abuzz because a sign has arrived that the witch who will break Odin’s cures is among them. Soon Abigail and Hugo are swept into a new mystery when a young boy on a warship asks them for help retrieving a missing item.

If you liked The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald, read The Sea of Japan by Keita Nagano

When Lindsey awakes in the hospital after a bad fall trying to snap a photo of the sunrise at Toyama Bay for her mom, she discovers that she owes her life to a local fisherman named Ichiro. He happens to be the older brother of one of her students, and she begins to spend more and more time with him. As she grows closer to him, learning to fish, she is drawn into a war to stop the next town over from overfishing the shared bay.

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