Spring is here! Warm weather – and a new batch of spring reads – is headed your way. From the heart-wrenching to the heart-pounding, from the mythical to the sobering reality, from history to the distant future, at SparkPress, there really is something for everyone.

If you love The Magicians, read Alchemy’s Air by Stacey L. Tucker

Alchemy’s Air follows Ocean’s Fire as the second book in the Equal Night Trilogy. In it, we continue to follow Skylar Southmartin – but she’s not the same naïve girl she once was. She finds her purpose in restoring a vital memory to the Akashic Library. Her mission is essential, for the future of human potential rests at the library’s core.

If you love A Million Little Things, read Love You Like the Sky by Sarah Neustadter, Ph.D.

Sarah Neustadter is uniquely qualified to write about suicide; she’s a trained psychologist who also was left behind in her beloved’s suicide. This book is comprised of letters she wrote to him in the three years after he died. It’s part companion guide and part roadmap for other young people left behind when someone they love takes their own life.

If you love Annie Get Your Gun, read Peccadillo at the Palace by Kari Bovée

In the sequel to Girl with a Gun, Annie Oakley and the rest of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show are invited to Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebration in London. But wherever Annie goes, murder and intrigue are sure to follow. Soon, a servant dies and Annie’s husband falls suspiciously ill. Could these be preemptive to the Queen’s assassination? Annie and her friends are on the case!

If you loved A Boy and His Dog, read Pursuits Unknown by Ellen Clary

When Amy, a member of a Locate and Rescue team, and her telepathic dog Lars, find a missing scientist, Amy realizes that this isn’t their typical lost-person case. It seems he was attacked – someone is trying to get ahold of his highly sensitive research. Amy and Lars soon find themselves deeply entrenched in the case, trying to unravel the conspiracy.

If you loved The Secrets of Mary Bowser by Lois Leveen, read Sarah’s War by Eugenia Lovett West

Sarah Champion is a Patriot through-and-through. Her twin brother was killed on the battlefield, and she won’t let his death be in vain. So when she is sent to live with her rich Loyalist aunt, she jumps at the opportunity to spy on British officers for General Washington. She’s adept at flirting information out of soldiers – but everything changes when she falls for one.

If you loved Philomena, read The House Children by Heidi Daniele

At age 13, Peg, a girl at an institution for unwanted girls, discovers the truth of her birth. Norah Hanley, the mother of the family that hosts her for summer holidays, gave birth to her out of wedlock. While Norah loves Peg, she’s still grappling with the shame of the circumstance. Peg struggles with feelings of anger and abandonment, and tension rises between them.

If you loved The Day After, read The Restless Hungarian by Tom Weidlinger

This remarkable story follows Paul Weidlinger, a man of many contradictions. He was a Jewish refugee who denied he was a Jew, an engineer who’s personal saints were artists and a clandestine communist who designed weapons for the Cold War. In telling this story, Tom Weidlinger sifts through these narratives and reveals the man his father was.