Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the most successful shows on Netflix. With monsters, alternative universes and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, it’s no wonder this unique show is a fan favorite. With season three premiering this summer, here are six books for you to binge-read before the new episodes drop. 

Searching for Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok

In Amy’s eyes, Sylvie was always the perfect sister. But when Sylvie flies to the Netherlands to see her dying grandma, things take a turn for the worse and it soon seems as if Sylvie has disappeared. Determined to find her sister, Amy traces her sister’s footsteps and finds painful secrets about her family’s past along the way.

A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney

Meet the bold, brave and unapologetically black hero, Alice. She must fight off the Nightmares of Wonderland while balancing school, and her high-handed mother. Alice and Wonderland is fused with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this contemporary fantasy that fans of Stranger Things will love.  

Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

When Shana wakes up and finds her sister sleepwalking in the driveway, she is immediately worried. Her sister won’t wake up and seems to be off to an unknown destination inside her head. Soon, Shana realizes others are under the same spell as her sister. Knowing she has to get to the bottom of the mystery, she follows her sister and a flock of sleepwalkers on their mysterious journey. 

Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland

Stephanie Maddox is the head of the FBI’s internal investigation unit. She worked hard getting to the top while raising a child on her own, all while keeping a dark secret. While Stephanie cleans her son’s closet she finds a fully loaded handgun and although she knows she should notify the authorities, she confronts him instead and finds out surprising details. This intense family drama gives Will’s family a run for their money. 

Recursion by Blake Crouch 

NYPD detective Barry Sutton is dealing with a strange phenomenon taking over the city. He’s trying to make sense of false memory syndrome, a strange sickness that makes victims insane over memories they have not experienced. Meanwhile, neuroscientist Helena Smith is also on the case and has devoted her life to grasping and generating technology for memories. The two work in unison to find out what’s really happening in order to save the world from impending doom. 

If She Wakes by Michael Koryta

College senior Tara is dropping off a visiting professor when her car is struck by a van. The professor dies instantly and Tara, while aware of her surroundings, cannot move or speak. Someone wants her dead, but what can she do to protect herself while lying in a hospital bed unable to move.  

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