Welcome to our Ten Book Challenge where our favorite authors share some of their most beloved and memorable reads—from the books with their favorite covers and best opening lines, to the reads they gift and the bookstores they frequent. This is a peek into your favorite authors’ perfect bowl of literary comfort food. We hope you discover something delicious!

As our first guest editor in the thrilling month of October, Scarlett St. Clair couldn’t be more perfect! This fantasy/horror fan favorite is the best-selling author of the Hades & Persephone series, and is obsessed with Greek mythology, murder mysteries, and the afterlife. She’s also a citizen of the Muscogee Nation with a Master’s degree in Library Science (hellloooo book lover!). Her newest book, King of Battle and Blood, is an epic fantasy filled with danger, darkness and insatiable romance. 

In King of Battle and Blood, Isolde de Lara considers her wedding day to be her death day—because to end a years’ long war, she is to marry vampire king Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev. And then she must kill him. Her attempt is thwarted though, and Adrian has one thing to tell her: if Isolde tries to kill him again, he will raise her as the undead. Faced with the possibility of becoming the thing she hates most, Isolde seeks other ways to defy him. While she must survive the brutal vampire court, it’s ultimately Adrian she fears most—until she faces their undeniable chemistry. And the question always in the back of her mind: why did Adrian, the king, choose her? The answer is one that will shatter her world.

The Book I……

I last bought/am currently reading: I am reading an arc of A Cursed Kiss by Jenny Hickman!

I recommend to everyone: I try to get everyone to read Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean. I pitch it as adult Kaz Brekker! Oh, and A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet—fierce and female.

That was my favorite to read last year, and why: I loved The Beast of Beswick by Amalie Howard. I’m a sucker for Regency and Highland romance and this Regency had a brooding male lead with scars. *drool*

Author I would love to have lunch with: Probably Leigh Bardugo, next to J.R.R. Tolkien, I’m obsessed with her fantasy.

That made me realize language had power: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien because it is what inspired me to become a writer.

I’d like to see adapted to the screen:  Um, A Touch of Darkness. HAHAHA.

That made me laugh out loud—or cry—while reading it: Highland Thief by Alyson McLayne made me laugh. I just loved it!

That has the most gorgeous cover:  Shameless self-promotion but, I’ve seen The Bookish Box covers for my special editions of A Touch of Darkness, A Game of Fate, and King of Battle and Blood, and I’m obsessed. The art is gorgeous.

With the best opening line: So there’s this line that’s stayed with me FOREVER. It’s in a book called Red-Dirt Jessie by Anna Myers and it’s “My little sister Patsy is dead.” Never, ever forgot it, and when I met Anna, I told her that.

Bookstore that I frequent/is my favorite: I’m always in my local Barnes and Noble. They’re down the street and they began carrying my books before anyone. I’ll always be thankful to them for that!

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