This year was such a great year for thrillers, it’s hard to think next year can top it. Thankfully, suspense, thrillers, page-turners, and whodunits await us in the year to come. Here we rounded up some of the most anticipated thrillers of 2021.

We promise these 2021 thrillers are worth the wait!

In the Garden of Spite by Camilla Bruce

Coming January 19 2021

Men whisper about Belle Gunness all throughout the Midwest. They travel to visit her in Indiana and are eager to share their dreams. However, no one has ever seen anyone leave after a visit to Belle. Her peers share suspicions about what’s going on, but they’ll never understand until they see what was taken from her and how she’s struggling to make her way in the world. 

The Butterfly House by Katrine Engberg

Coming January 5 2021

The last thing that the newly divorced father Jeppe Kørner needed was to become the lead investigator for a string of murders. His ex-wife Anette is exhausted from both the newborn and Jeppe and decides to investigate the murders on her own. After being exposed to unfathomable dangers, Anette soon realizes that the murders stemmed from the underlying greed, evils, and ambition in Copenhagen’s caregiving institutions. 

The Woman Outside My Door by Rachel Ryan

Coming January 5 2021

When the passing of Georgina’s mother coincides with her son meeting someone named New Granny at the park, she becomes instantly suspicious. Still, she reminds herself that all children have imaginary friends and this must be the case with her son Cody. However, despite her husband’s assurances that it’s all just a game, Georgina worries that New Granny isn’t so imaginary after all. 

Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner

Coming January 19 2021

Frankie Elkin spends her time searching for missing people who the public and police have stopped caring about. Her latest search brings her to a troubled neighborhood in Boston to find a Haitian teen who vanished from her high school months earlier. After receiving no help from the police or family, Frankie realizes she’s asking questions that someone won’t answer. Still, Frankie is determined to solve this case, even if the next missing person will be her. 

Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2021 - The Wife Upstairs

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Coming January 5, 2021

When Jane arrives in Birmingham, broke and directionless, it’s with a perfect stroke of luck that she lands in Thornfield Estates. In this 2021 thriller, the wealthy housewives are too preoccupied with status to notice missing jewelry. So, when she meets Eddie Rochester, a recently widowed resident – handsome and mourning his drowned wife – she jumps into action to win him over. Will Eddie see past her tricks? Will his deceased wife stay buried? Or will Jane’s luck continue?

If you’re a fan of B.A. Paris and Megan Miranda, then this domestic suspense is for you.

Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2021 - Not My Boy

Not My Boy: A Novel by Kelly Simmons

Coming January 5, 2021

Hannah and her son are focused on a fresh start when the move to the cottage next-door to her sister. But when a young local girl goes missing just days after they arrive, her son quickly falls under suspicion. As accusations begin to fly, two sisters become divided, defending their families, and their futures, at all costs.

This 2021 thriller will have you in its grips the whole way through.

Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2021 - Spin

Spin by Patricia Cornwell

Coming January 12, 2021

When a rocket launch fails, the following chaos brings NASA investigator Captain Calli Chase face-to-face with her missing twin sister, along with the discovery of a top-secret space program that holds the key to her future. She must navigate this uncharted territory bravely and stealthily before the group who sabotaged the rocket launch discovers her buried secret.

From the White House to outer space, international bestselling author Patricia Cornwell takes us on an epic nail-biting journey that we won’t forget.

Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2021 - The Survivors

The Survivors by Jane Harper

Coming February 2, 2021

Kieran Elliott has never completely moved on from the reckless choices that changed the course of his life, in spite of his young, vibrant family and a new life far away. But when his struggling parents call him home, his past threatens to haunt him once again. So, when the body is discovered on the beach, questions, dark memories, and secrets begin to swirl around the seaside community, leaving Kieran questioning if anything will ever be the same.

This bestselling author doesn’t disappoint with her latest thriller mystery. It’s worth the wait!

More 2021 thrillers to add to your #TBR list

Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2021 - The House Uptown

The House Uptown by Melissa Ginsburg

Coming March 16, 2021

Lane is a well-known artist in New Orleans. She’s eccentric, moody, and she’s all Ava has. Ava is 14, and reeling from her mother’s death. So, when she arrives at Lane’s doorstep, the unlikely pair are clueless where to find equal ground. Oliver, Lane’s assistant might be her only hope. But the trio soon discover that hope, heat, and a dark family history can be a dangerous combination.

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a 2021 thriller swirling with historic secrets and brooding characters, look no further.

Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2021 - Saving Grace

Saving Grace by Debbie Babitt

Coming March 16, 2021

Mary Grace Dobbs rose up from a tragic past to become the first female sheriff in her small mountain village – a position that doesn’t sit well with many of the locals. When a child’s sudden disappearance mirrors a case from her own childhood, it’s a race against the clock for Mary Grace and her team as they dodge accusations and prejudices flying around a town that has, once again, lost one of their own.

This thrilling debut suspense novel will keep you at the edge of your seat. It’s definitely one of the most anticipated thrillers of 2021.

The Hunting Wives by May Cobb

Coming May 18, 2021

Sophie O’Neill left behind her successful big city career to settle into a charming small town in Texas with her husband and son. It’s idyllic, until idyllic turns boring, leaving Sophie searching for something new and exciting. She finds it in socialite Margot Banks, head of the Hunting Wives – a group of women who gather for late-night target practice and partying. Soon Sophie finds herself at the center of a murder investigation, caught between family, friends and the truth as everything spins out of control.

Obsession and seduction are at the heart of this murderous 2021 thriller, which will keep you holding your breath.