Susie Orman Schnall, the author of The Subway Girls, is back in 2020 with a brand new historical fiction novel fans of Fiona Davis will love. Check out the exclusive cover reveal of We Came Here to Shine below and learn more about this fascinating new historical fiction novel coming out June 16, 2020.

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Summary of We Came Here to Shine by Susie Orman Schnall (courtesy of Amazon):

Set during the iconic 1939 New York World’s Fair, two intrepid young women – an aspiring journalist and a down-on-her-luck actress – form an unlikely friendship as they navigate a world of endless possibility, stand down adversity, and find what they are truly made of during the glorious summer of spectacle and opportunity…

Vivi Holden is closer than she’s ever been to living her dream as a star actress in sun-dappled L.A., but an unfair turn of events sets her all the way back to New York. Back to where she worked so hard to escape from. She has one last chance to get back to Hollywood – by performing well as the lead in the heralded Aquacade’s swimming and dancing production at the World’s Fair. The universe seems to be working against her, but her summer in New York will lead to her biggest opportunity to find her own way, on her own terms…

Maxine Roth wants nothing more than to be a star journalist at the iconic New York Times, but the universe has other plans. Instead, she’s landed a post at the pop-up publication dedicated to covering the World’s Fair―and even then, her big ideas are continually overlooked by her male counterparts. Max didn’t work this hard to be the only unheard woman in the room. When Max and Vivi’s worlds collide, they forge an enduring friendship. One that shows them to be the daring, bold women they are, and one that shows them to never stop holding on to what matters most, in the summer that leads to tomorrow.

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