Book of the Month Club is committed to bringing avid readers their monthly book fix and this month, they’re giving book lovers everywhere a wide variety of books to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction or enticing thrillers, Book of the Month Club has something for you this July.

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Emma Davis will never forget the night her friends disappeared from Camp Nightingale 15 years ago. Returning to the camp to teach art as an adult, Emma will be staying in the fateful cabin where she lost saw her friends and before she knows it, she’ll be thrown into the dangerous secrets the camp holds.

The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

Miranda Schuyler has just arrived on Winthrop Island in the summer of 1951 and she’s suddenly thrown into a world of the elite. Falling for Joseph Vargas, Miranda finds herself loving her new home but when her stepfather is murdered by the man she thought she loved, she leaves the town and doesn’t return until almost two decades later.

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

When Sarah and Eddie first meet, they know it’s love and after only seven days together, they know they have found the relationship they’ve both been looking for. When Eddie leaves for a trip he had previously booked, he promises that he’ll keep in touch until he gets back but when Sarah doesn’t hear anything from him, she knows there’s something seriously wrong.

The Girl From Blind River by Gale Massey

Nineteen-year-old Jamie Elders wants nothing more than to escape her life in Blind River, New York but knows she has to pay a few debts back in order to get out. When her sadistic uncle kills a man and makes Jamie and her brother help clean up his mess, they have no choice but to help and before she knows it, the man is pinning the murder on Jamie’s brother and she must fight to protect him.

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Miryem comes from a long line of moneylenders who don’t always repay their dues and in Spinning Silver, she sets out to make up for the family’s past debts, learning to spin silver into gold. But as she gets deeper into Staryk and comes face-to-face with its king, she’ll find that there’s a lot more to fear than her family’s small debts.