Far-off worlds, fairies, enchanted creatures and magic: some of the best elements of a good fantasy novel. If you love fantasy novels, these are some of the best new releases to pick up this season.

The Thorn Queen by Elise Holland

The world of Glendoch is constantly on the verge of collapse and in this new fantastical YA novel, one girl will find herself caught in the middle of a dangerous situation. After Meylyne falls from a tree and lands on the kingdom’s prince, she’ll be tasked with the job of finding a cure for his disease or face a tragic and dark future.

Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami

A Tokyo painter is left by his wife, and he ends up in the mountains, living in the home of a famous painter. When he stumbles upon a mysterious painting, he’ll be challenged to a mystical journey that involves a haunted underworld.

Band of Shadows by H.P. Waitt

Throughout the first 17 years of her life, Scarlett didn’t know who she really was. A regular in the foster care system, everything changes for her when she opens a door and finds herself in a mysterious new world called Avalon. It’s in this new world that she meets Morgana who has brought Scarlett there for a reason unbeknownst to her. As secrets about her past are exposed and a war begins to brew, Scarlett will have to learn who to trust if she wants to stay alive.

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

Marcella Riggins knows she’s powerful and knows she can take on Merit City all by herself. From electing sidekicks to pitting known villains against one another, Marcella is on a quest to take down the unstable city in this fantastical sci-fi story.

The Same River by Lisa Reddick

In this mystical new novel, young field biologist Jessica is determined to save the river she loves from those who are out to destroy it. When she comes into contact with a Native American woman who lived on the land centuries before, Jessica will learn how she can make a difference in her world.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

A new species has just arrived on Earth: The Carls. When April comes across a strange sculpture in New York City, she and her friend take a video of the creature which goes viral. Now famous, April will have to determine what the Carls are and what they want.

Deepest Blue by Mindy Tarquini

The magical city of Panduri can only be seen at twilight and those who live there are all born with specific destinies. Just as Matteo is about to take over his father’s title of Legendary Protector, his brother pulls rank and takes the job, leaving Matteo to create a path of his own.

Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts

Fallon Swift is in for the thrill of a lifetime when she finds out that she is a human with powers she has never unlocked. Now living in an altered world where dangerous gangs and individuals roam the streets, she’ll begin her training to take control of her powers and defeat the evil forces at hand.

The Blue Witch: The Witches of Orkney by Alane Adams

Nine-year-old Abigail comes from a long line of witches, each one seemingly more powerful than the last. She has a dogged determination to be the best witch ever; the only problem is that her magic hasn’t quite come in yet. School life doesn’t make things easier, but when she is presented with the ultimate test, will her magic be too powerful for those around her?