There is not a more appropriate time to binge-read gooey romance books than on your honeymoon. Here are five must-read titles that will give you all the honeymoon feels.

Love Me Like This by Bella Andre

Justin has secretly been in love with Taylor for eight years and Taylor has felt the same way. When they cross paths again, the two may get the chance at loving each other, but could secrets keep them apart?

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

Frank knows just what each of his customers needs when they come in looking for music. While he is very in tune with everyone else, he has no idea what he needs. When the opportunity for love presents itself, will he be able to take it?

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn

English professor Anne is on her way to getting a position on the tenure track at the college where she works when her ex-fiancé is hired as the school’s president. Now her boss, Anne is fighting feelings for him again as she works on getting promoted and taking care of her father.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Noah and Allie were sweethearts in their youth, but now more than a decade later the two have gone their separate ways. That doesn’t stop them both from constantly thinking about the love they had. A love that may be enough to reunite them.

xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan 

Zach can’t forget the girl he met at a party, so imagine his surprise when she walks into his office as his new master’s degree student. As the two get closer and closer with late nights and study sessions, Zach realizes he is falling for her, and maybe she is feeling the same way.