Stephanie Danler knows what it takes to write a killer book and with her first book-to-TV gig, she is hotter than ever. In addition to being the bestselling author of the instant favorite Sweetbitter, Stephanie is a true bookworm and shares all of her favorites on her Instagram page.

Anagrams by Lorrie Moore

This unique love story takes a look at two lovers who only live an apartment away from each other, listening to the other’s activities through the wall. A romance told through both reality and imagination, this book is one for readers who love a quirky yet romantic page-turner.

How to Write an Autobiographical Novel by Alexander Chee

In Chee’s latest release, the novelist paints a picture of his life and the ways in which reading and writing have shaped him into who he has become. In these essays, he details both small and big events from his past as well as some commentary on the current world – an intriguing book for readers and writers alike.

Negroland by Margo Jefferson

This highly recognized book takes an interesting look at what Margo Jefferson calls Negroland, otherwise known as upper-crust black Chicago. Tracing her family’s history back in time, she looks at how such a place came to be and the kind of effect it had on those not only in the city, but the people who lived in less fortunate areas as well.

Eve = ⚡ this beauty drops so soon! 4/10/18!

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Black Swans: Stories by Eve Babitz

Eve Babitz’s reissue of her best short stories revisits both the late ’80s and early ’90s. This new version of her popular stories includes an introduction from Stephanie Danler. This legendary collection is just as good now as it was when it was originally published in 1993.

How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher

Written during a desolate time of war, MFK Fisher knew that the last thing people wanted to hear was that they should be cutting down on what they eat and making their meals a bit more practical. In this book, she invites her readers to take a creative approach to dining even when times are tough.

Monday morning’s reading. Flying through this woman’s wild life.

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After Kathy Acker by Chris Kraus

This biography about the life of Kathy Acker refamiliarizes the world with the remarkable woman 20 years after her death. The woman’s own stories, whether fictional or real, take a new spin on the biography and instead, seemingly brings the woman back to life. This book is interwoven with real conversations and encounters from Acker’s life as well as her own far-fetched tales.

First of the year, and I’ve never read it. #californiastuff

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East of Eden by John Steinbeck

East of Eden is written in the vein of the Adam and Eve story, including the sibling rivalry that was Cain and Abel. This novel shares themes of love, identity, murder and forgiveness. Adapted for film in the ’50s, East of Eden in one of Steinbeck’s best, and a staple in American culture.

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