For your summer thrills, we’ve got you covered over at She Writes Press. These tales – some true, some not – are full of suspense, intrigue, compelling characters and plenty of surprises. These five July 2019 releases are some of the best summer titles from She Writes Press.

If you liked Before I Wake, read A Dream to Die For by Susan Z. Ritz

Celeste’s fiancé, Jake, has issued an ultimatum: leave the cult of the Dreamers, or their relationship is over. As she heads to her appointment with Larry, her therapist/cult leader, she hopes that he will help her untangle last night’s dream – one she believes belongs to somebody else – before she says goodbye for good. When she arrives, she finds Larry in a pool of his own blood. And his computer, which contains the dreams and secrets of the entire cult, is missing.

If you liked Lucky by Alice Sebold, read All the Silent Spaces by Christine Ristaino

In this fascinating memoir, Ristaino recounts the most traumatic moment in her life, the aftermath and how she rebuilt. One fateful day in September 2007, Christine Ristaino was attacked in a store parking lot while her children watched. She learned to deal with this trauma – and finally, face two other previous violent episodes in her life – while going about her everyday life and seeing the event through the eyes of her community.

If you liked Drama High by Michael Sokolove, read Hummingbird in Underworld by Deborah Tobola

At age 45, Deborah Tobola landed her dream job. She was to teach creative writing and manage the San Luis Obispo prison’s arts program. As she creates a theater program for prisoners, she delves into the culture of the prison – a world frozen in the ’50s, with no contact to the outside world except by phone – and works to bring out the voices of the men who inhabit it. This literary journey is funny, frank and fascinating.

If you’re a travel junkie, read Newcomers in an Ancient Land by Paula Wagner

At 18, Paula and her identical twin sister, Naomi, left to spend a year in Israel. There, Paula wanted to explore her Jewish roots and learn Hebrew on a kibbutz ulpan. This journey changes her life forever. She soon finds herself stricken with wanderlust and a love of language, so she makes her way to France. This personal odyssey has her discovering her own identity – separate from Naomi.

If you liked Murder of the Bride by Faith Martin, read On a Quiet Street by J.L. Doucette

Stacy Hart is dead. Just a month before her wedding to Connor Collins, she is found strangled to death. Connor is convinced that Jack, the contractor who discovered the body, killed her in a jealous rage. When Jack disappears the next day, he looks guilty. In this thrilling sequel to Last Seen, Dr. Pepper Hunt is on the case, teaming up with Detective Beau Antelope once again to solve the crime.

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