The game of love can be challenging to play, especially when there are cultural differences involved. Love is also a powerful thing, with the ability to break through barriers and knock down walls. No matter what package love shows up in, it’s truly a gift to receive it. We’ve rounded up ten diverse reads that are all about finding love in foreign places.

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Catalina Martín was perpetually single. So, when her sister announced that she would be getting married in just four short weeks, she knew the race was on to find a stand-in man who’d be willing to travel to Spain as her loving boyfriend. What she was not expecting was that her number one nemesis, Aaron Blackford, would volunteer to play the role. Even though he’s a total egomaniac and drives her up crazy, her choices were limited. With the wedding just days away, Catalina must decide quickly if she wants to bring her all-American boy across the pond or disappoint her family and show up solo.

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

Millie can’t believe that she’s caught her girlfriend/best friend canoodling with another person. All she wants to do is get as far away as possible, so she begins to apply for boarding school scholarships. So, when she gets accepted by a top school in Scotland, she swiftly packs her bags. Upon arrival, she knows she made the right decision; the grounds are beautiful, and everyone is more than accepting of her American roots. But when she discovers that her roommate is a legit princess in Scotland and that she might also be her new love interest, she starts to wonder if this new life is too good to be true.

Love Me Differently by Abiegail Rose

Lacey Graham is crushed when her plans to surprise her fiancé backfire, and instead finds herself single. Looking for a fresh start, she takes off to San Francisco where her new coworker convinces her to give online dating a try. Although she’s skeptical, she goes for it and meets an amazing man named Kenneth. He’s everything she’s been dreaming of and immediately gets swept right off her feet. However, as soon as she starts to settle in, she realizes that someone out there is trying to sabotage her new relationship. Lacey knows she has to get to the bottom of it, or risk heartbreak all over again.

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This by Rachel Lynn Solomon

The Mansour and Berkowitz families have done business together for years. Tarek’s parents run a catering company, while Quinn’s are wedding planners. Just as the summer was winding down, Quinn sent Tarek an email, confessing she had feelings for him and went back to college with no response. After a year apart, Quinn is nervous to see him again, and even though he looks great, they immediately begin to butt heads. As the summer goes on, Tarek begins to soften and starts to open up to Quinn. When these two finally start to let their guards down, there may be a chance to let love in.

The Checklist by Addie Woolridge

Dylan Delacroix was doing a little too well at work and when she outshined her boss, he decided to relocate her right back to her hometown of Seattle. Expected to win over a challenging tech company CEO or she’s fired, the pressure is on to keep her career on track. Beyond that, she has found herself mediating conflicts between her parents and their neighbors. If that wasn’t enough, her now long-distance relationship was starting to fade away. As she tries to project manage her new life, she also starts to develop chemistry with the feuding neighbor’s son. Maybe Dylan’s plan B isn’t so bad after all.

Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo

When Azere was just twelve years old, she made a promise to her dying father that she would wed a Nigerian man. Even after immigrating to Canada, Azere’s mom was adamant that she keeps her word, so she did her best to play matchmaker. After yet another bad date, Azere ends up at a bar where she meets a tall, handsome, and not so dark man named Rafael. Even though he’s white, Azere can’t help falling for him. As she begins to question what she thought was so important, she starts to realize that who she loves doesn’t make her any less Nigerian. She only hopes that she can convince her family. 

Blitzed by Alexa Myartin 

Brynn owes much of her bar’s success to the Denver Mustangs and reality TV. As her business gained popularity, her bank account continued to grow. Even though she was constantly surrounded by the in-crowd, Brynn tried her best to keep a safe distance from the drama, especially when it came to NFL players. However, that all changed when Maxwell Lewis walked in. Just when Brynn starts to think Maxwell might be different, a weird twist of fate takes this potential romance right off the table. But when Brynn starts to see that maybe she’s the one getting in her own way, the game starts to change.

A French Connection by Aven Ellis

Lila Porter is easy to like but it’s not so easy for her to like a man past two dates. If a man doesn’t check all the boxes, she quickly crosses him off of the list. Where she lives in Colorado, there are plenty of men, so when one doesn’t work out, it’s simple for her to say, “thank you, next.” One night during a Halloween party, when a masked man with a thick French accent comes along, Lila has a feeling that this might just be the man she’s been waiting for. Pierre Gaudet is a sexy and sweet hockey player, and Lila is smitten. But when the past rears its ugly head, the future with her Frenchman is threatened.

The Songbook of Benny Lament by Amy Harmon

New Yorker Benny Lament loves music but hates attention. In 1960, he spent most of his time writing songs for others, as his dad’s deep connection to the mob made it hard for him to show his face in public. But when Benny’s father takes him to hear Ester Ming sing, he knows that he has to work with her. After writing a song that they perform together, the duo becomes a national sensation, and Benny is swiftly thrust into the spotlight. With such a strong chemistry brewing, Benny is torn between making beautiful music and preserving his privacy to protect his life as well as his family.

Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras

Even though influencer Sara Vance has hit some rough patches on her road to success, she’s right on the brink of something big. However, her family has a way of putting up roadblocks, and she’s ready to get into the driver’s seat. But when her flakey boyfriend stands her up for a family vacation, she invites Luis Navarro, who’s happy to go along for the ride. As the trip gets underway, Sara and Luis fall right in, enjoying family meals together, going on excursions, and even exchanging a kiss here and there. Although this vacation must come to an end, it might just be the beginning of something special.