Sometimes the best pick-me-up comes in the form of a romantic book filled with adoring characters and cheesy (yet inspiring) quotes about love. No matter your views on love, these are the romance reads for every kind of girl.

If you believe in fate, read Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

Sensibility and responsibility were key for Kaitlyn, until the day she sputtered out of control and found herself fangirling all over Daxton Hughes, the former actor she’d adored since her teen years. She was horrified. She was in love. Then she was betrayed. Now he’s back in her life and needs her help. Can she let her guard down again? Her heart is on the line but he might just be worth the risk.

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If you love a good second chance romance, read The Promise of Us by Jamie Beck

Claire McKenna has faced her fair amount of trauma and in The Promise of Us, she’ll finally get the opportunity to hit the reset button and rebuild her life. Working as an interior designer, Claire is shocked when her Logan, childhood crush, offers her a job to remodel his lush condo in New York City. Unable to turn down the pricey renovation, she takes on the job and begins to reconnect with both Logan and his sister – a girl who once betrayed Claire. Learning a lesson or two about forgiveness and real love, Claire will put everything on the line in the hopes that everything in her life is about to finally fall into place.

If you’re married, read Love Poems for Married People by John Kenney

The perfect blend of humor and relatability, this poetry collection is perfect for any married couple looking for a bonding activity this Valentine’s Day. Having recently been optioned by Ryan Reynolds’s production company, this short read is one with immense impact. Remember why you fell in love with your significant other with this bestselling collection.

If you love romance with a side of family drama, read The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros

When Beckett receives a letter from his best friend Ryan, it confirms his worst fear: Ryan didn’t make it out alive. The letter begs him to go to Telluride, where his sister has lost too much: their grandparents, their parents and now him. She can’t raise the twins alone and is living with a secret that will further tear her family apart. Can he leave behind everything to help Ella, a stranger who may not even want his help?

If you love steamy romance novels, read The Hookup Handbook by Kendall Ryan

The pressure is on. He has a mile-long waiting list, his book about sex and intimacy is due to the publisher in a month, and as the most popular male escort in town, he can suddenly no longer perform. Luckily he has Sienna, his assistant (and also his best friend’s younger sister). Sienna doesn’t see it coming when he realizes she could be key to getting back to business.

If you love relatable romance stories, read Wildflower Heart by Grace Greene

Kara Hart has been broken by grief – first after losing her mother, and now she’s laid her husband to rest. She half-heartedly agrees to follow her father to the countryside for a restoration project, and as the home is lovingly restored, so becomes Kara’s heart. Thanks to the wildflowers, the handsome neighbor and a new closeness with her father she begins to see hope… and possibly a chance for love again.

If you’re loving the single life, read Overnight Sensation by Sarina Bowen

She’s the league commissioner’s daughter and isn’t going to pretend she doesn’t see the way the players look at her. He has a hockey career on the line, but she’s a tease and he can’t get her out of his head. When she wants something she goes after it, and she wants him as badly as he needs shots on goal. Someone’s about to score.

If you’re a dating app pro, read The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

Emotions aren’t really Khai Diep’s thing thanks to his autism diagnosis. But when his mother returns to Vietnam to find him the perfect bride, his feelings begin to swirl. Esme Tran is mixed-race and underprivileged, and faced with the opportunity to come to America… as long as she can win over her Khai – a challenge that turns out be even more than she bargained for.