The term “self-care” has created a lot of buzz, and even though it seems self-explanatory, it can be a bit ambiguous. It doesn’t mean having to spend hundreds of dollars at the spa or going on a shopping spree (but you can if you want)! However, it does involve doing more of what makes you happy. These ten books break down simple ways to take a time out, tune in, and love yourself a little more.

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Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies by Tara Schuster

Before she was even thirty years old, Tara was crushing it in her career and seemingly had it all together. But on the inside, she was a hot mess and constantly battling anxiety, depression and shame. Tara did a great job of hiding it from everyone—except her therapist. She soon realized she was at the end of her rope and decided to share her story with the world. Through daily work and practicing gratitude, she transformed her life. She offers tips on silencing your inner critic, taking time for yourself, and releasing self-limiting beliefs. But most of all, she encourages you to create a life that you love.

Here are 10 books to help you practice self love>>

The Joy of Small Things by Hannah Jane Parkinson

Popular Guardian columnist Hannah Jane Parkinson rose to fame by being her authentic self and making it a point to celebrate all of the little things in life. Although she writes about various things, she’s passionate about mental health and how celebrating the small stuff is the key to happiness. Enjoying simple pleasures, like going to a movie by yourself or celebrating when an outfit has pockets, are reasons why this book is so utterly delightful. She encourages readers to ditch the things they don’t like and do more of the stuff that brings on a joyful response while always appreciating the little things.

Better Daily Self-Care Habits by Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite PhD

Changing bad habits into good ones can seem overwhelming and impossible at times. But committing to small, daily changes can make a big difference long term. This book will break down what it means to have healthy habits and why they are essential. Through self-compassion and identifying stressors, you’ll get into the practice of replacing negative behaviors with positive energy. You’re encouraged to track your progress and be accountable; that way, you can continue to create a path that puts you in a place where self-care is a priority.

A Year of Self-Care by Dr. Zoe Shaw

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or time intensive. In this book, Dr. Zoe Shaw simplifies it and makes it attainable for anyone. It includes a daily exercise that will promote positive thinking and steer you in the direction of self-love. You’re encouraged to create gratitude lists, put together playlists that raise the vibration, and commit to spending just 15 minutes a day solely on yourself. Once you make this move, you’ll see how easy it is to schedule self-care as a part of your daily routine, much like anything else you prioritize in your life.

Chakras & Self-Care by Ambi Kavanagh

It is often said that the key to happiness lies within us, and it’s our responsibility to unlock the joy. Sometimes that seems impossible, but when we can tap into our own energy, it might be a bit easier than we think. Based on ancient theory, some believe that we have energetic wheels of energy in our bodies, known as chakras. We can balance out our energetic channels through mediation, affirmations, and visualizations and keep things spinning. Many times we feel stuck, and by understanding our bodies and finding ways to let the energy flow, we can discover what we need both physically and emotionally.

Sacred Self-Care by Chloe Isidora

Most people spend their days on a mental hamster wheel, spinning from thoughts to lists of things that need to be completed without stopping to take a breath. This chaotic thought pattern can lead to anxiety, stress, and no time for self-care. This book encourages the reader to actually stop and smell the roses. Take time out to make things special, like blessing your food or burning a candle. Creating rituals around everyday things will allow you to pause and appreciate the current moment and find joy in the present.

The Self-Care Year by Alison Davies

Alison Davies takes a seasonal approach when it comes to self-care. This book is divided into four sections corresponding to each season, with inspiration from nature. Learning to love the magnificence of the changing world can help you go with the flow and appreciate all of the beauty on our planet. This book takes a realistic approach to self-love through yoga poses, meditation, and simple crafts while basking in the sun or cuddling up in the cold. Our greatest teacher is Mother Nature, and this book is full of her valuable lessons.

Wisdom from a Humble Jellyfish by Rani Shah

Some of the best self-care practitioners are the plants and animals that exist in the wilderness. One shining example is the jellyfish, which has learned to take care of itself by taking breaks often. In contrast, it’s often frowned upon for humans to take breaks in a society that is overscheduled and working nonstop. Finding moments to rest and recharge is by far one of the most effective self-care rituals one can participate in. By looking at the harmony that exists in nature, we can start to apply some of those principles to our own lives.

Seasonal Self-Care Rituals by Susan Weis-Bohlen

The ancient practice of Ayurveda has been used for years as a holistic approach to balance the mind-body connection and to promote overall well-being. This book encourages self-care by finding your mind-body composition and making adjustments that compliment your dosha based on Ayurvedic principles. Through breath work, essential oils and mantras, you can create more balance in the body and start to get in sync with nature. Aiming to find that center can help mental clarity and promote an overall improved sense of emotional well-being.