I’m not a big crime reader, and most likely it’s because I spend too much time as I’m reading trying to figure out “whodunit!” But this list of crime books has got me thinking I might have to take another dive into this genre. If you’re a crime junkie, check out 10 of the best crime books that will have you guessing all the way until the end.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

When famous painter Alicia Berenson shoots her husband five times in the face, she goes mute. Refusing to explain her actions, the mystery of why she did this remains just that. It isn’t until criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber takes on her case that things begin to change. Theo is determined to discover why she shot her husband and get to the bottom of this strange homicide in this mysterious criminal page-turner – a huge breakout hit of 2019.

Fishnet by Kirstin Innes

Fiona’s sister disappeared when Rona was only 20 years old. A huge absence in her life, Fiona discovers six years later that her sister was working as a prostitute when she disappeared. Fiona decides that she’s going to find out the truth about what happened to Rona, but as she goes further into the dark and mysterious world of the sex industry, she finds that it may not be what she had thought. This book challenges readers and their assumptions about power, choice and being vulnerable.

Remember by Patricia Smith

Portia’s mother and sister have been gone for five years, and Portia now must face her memories of that day. She is severely anxious and agoraphobic, and uses cigarettes and alcohol to numb the pain of her loss. When Ethan Torke moves in across the street, Portia’s perspective changes in ways she could never imagine. Will the truth catch up with her in this suspenseful read? Our guess is yes, but we’re totally along for the ride!

Baby by Annaleese Jochems

Cynthia is only 21 when she steals her father’s savings and runs away with her fitness instructor – escaping the pressures of life. When they reach the coast, they buy an old boat named Baby, and the two believe they will live out their dreams. But the boat is claustrophobic and Cynthia’s mood is always changing. When they sail the boat to an empty island, their lives will unexpectedly be altered forever.

The Crossed-Out Notebook by Nicolas Giacobone

When a Latin American film director kidnaps Pablo, he is kept in a basement and forced to work on a screenplay that must be world-changing. Pablo is unable to come up with the words he so desperately needs to write. Darkly funny, intriguing and a deep look at the creative process, The Crossed-Out Notebook is an ode to artists all around.

The Poison Garden by A.J. Banner

Elise is blissfully married and living in a gorgeous Victorian home, running her mother’s herbal boutique, which is her dream job. When she learns of a shocking secret on her first wedding anniversary, she begins to doubt everything – her marriage, her friendships, her self. Is she being paranoid, or is there a reason that she is fearing for her life?

Full Throttle: Stories by Joe Hill

A collection of 13 short stories, Joe Hill brings us supernatural suspense, and two of the stories are co-written with Stephen King (everyone knows that Joe Hill is King’s son, yes?!). Horrifying and hypnotic, this collection further showcases Hill as a master, just like his father.

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky

Please tell me you’ve read The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Please, please, please! Well, author Stephen Chbosky brings readers something completely different and equally mesmerizing with his book Imaginary Friend. When seven-year-old Christopher goes missing for six days, his single mother is at a loss. When he returns, he is a different child, intent on building a treehouse in the woods before the given deadline, promising that if he doesn’t take on this task, everyone in town will pay a price.

Opioid, Indiana by Brian Allen Carr

When 17-year-old Riggle’s parents die, he is sent to live with his uncle and his girlfriend, but his uncle soon goes missing, most likely on a drug binge. Rent is due, and Riggle has a choice – either find his uncle or figure out how to get the money to pay the rent, both dangerous tasks as he must venture into the dangerous world of drugs.

The Kill Club by Wendy Heard

Jazz and Joaquin have lived at the mercy of their foster mother, but now that Jazz has aged out, she is desperately worried for her younger sibling. When Jazz gets a strange call from someone telling her that they’ve got an underground network that helps to get rid of abusers like her foster mother, she can’t say no. She’s got to take back her power and join this group in order to save her brother.

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