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There’s no better month to celebrate National Gratitude Month than November, the month when we’re constantly reminded to give thanks. Gratitude changes our perspective and connects us to the world and people around us. Yet being grateful is more than just saying “thank you” or ignoring anything negative. It’s about embracing the positive in your daily life and appreciating the small mundane things we take for granted. As you prepare to remember all the reasons why you’re thankful this November, take a look at the different gratitude journals that can help you track the good, prepare for the bad, and focus on what truly matters to you.

Good Days Start With Gratitude by Simou Marco

To discover your first steps towards gratitude, having better mental health, mood and improving your stress levels, try this 52-week journal. Good Days is also equipped with quotes, a weekly checkpoint, writing space, and three prompts that encourage you to remember what you are thankful for daily. Practice makes perfect, and you have all year to give it a try, no matter when you start.

Let’s Unpack That by Lindsay R Fitzgerald

Life can be hard—but gratitude means appreciating what matters even during those tough moments. A good way to prepare for situations that may knock you down is setting your mind to be intentional. That’s where this 30-day guide steps in to assist you. Giving yourself the time to unpack who you are and how you respond to events can make a difference when turning a negative into a positive.

Mom Work: A Balancing Gratitude Journal by Rachel Flynn

Some love (and some hate) the old adage of “moms can do it all”—but taking time to recharge and refocus can make for a happier, healthier you. This balancing journal provides prompts and sections for mom life, work-life, and task, so you discover what makes you tick and what may require more focus and even more gratitude.

Live Inspired by Farin Doran

For the girls who browse books at the bookstore but stop to treat herself, or the woman who sees the word “inspired” and wants more for herself — this book is for you. Doran’s intention with Live Inspired is for the women who want to have more intentionality in their daily routine, and for those who long to have more positivity and gratitude.

Gratitude and Mindfulness Journal by Bethlehem Bekele

With a year like 2020, finding moments of gratitude and joy really makes a difference. When we look for happiness within the little things and appreciate the world around us, we gain a better perspective. Learn to de-stress, focus, heal and fall in love with gratitude.

Count Your Rainbows by Jenny Mecher

A thought holds a lot of power; it’s no wonder we’re encouraged to think before anything else. And with this gratitude journal, your thoughts become uplifting and your next steps, intentional. Combined with notable optimistic quotes and beautifully colored artwork, Count Your Rainbows is an encouragement towards positivity and self-improvement.

Everything Sucks by Tiffany Reese

Being grateful may not always come with ease. Sometimes faking it until you make it helps get you on the right track. In this real-world gratitude journal, you’ll find relatable funny writing prompts with inspirational quotes that push you on the path to being grateful. Start with small moments like splurging for good coffee, and work your way up to being completely grateful, no matter how long it takes you.

A Year of Gratitude by Joree Rose

Each year seems to come with its own trials and challenges. Having gratitude not only improves your joy but confidence, your stress levels, and your cognitive behaviors.  With the help of licensed therapist Joree Rose, explore this year-long journal that allows you to practice gratitude daily with a mix of mind meditation tips.

The Beautiful Gratitude by Patricia Gilbers

Well-designed, fitted with images and quotes, these 77 pages of the Beautiful Gratitude helps you focus your thoughts and reflect on the meaning of being grateful. It also has open space to write down three things you are thankful for daily and events that made you smile. This journal is a great way for you to pause and celebrate life and all that it has to offer.

The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal: Give Thanks, Practice Positivity, Find Joy by Sophia Godkin

When you think of happiness, do you start with gratitude? Maybe you need a quick and easy reminder of what’s important in your daily activities. With prompts that are straight to the point, thought-provoking, and attention-grabbing, your days and nights will be complete with joy and positive energy. If you have five minutes in your day, stop, smell the roses, and feel inspired to be grateful.

The Self-Care Planner, 13-Week Edition by Simple Self

The Self-Care Planner begins with The Self-Care Plan! Simple Self has outlined six steps that are designed to help you reflect on your current self-care practices, recognize areas where you can improve gratitude, and generate ideas for new self-care activities you enjoy.