If you’re like us, you can’t stop thinking about Laura Dave’s book The Last Thing He Told Me. With it’s extraordinary pacing and dizzying plot twists, this evocative family mystery has everything we love in a book, and luckily, Laura Dave has plenty of others to hold us over until the TV adaptation comes out.

We’ve compiled Laura Dave’s novels and ranked them just for you! So read on to see how your favorites ranked up.

(6) London is the Best City in America

Emmy Everett is heading back to New York for her brother Josh’s wedding, and she isn’t looking forward to the onset of nosy questions: About her life in Rhode Island, her ex-fiance, and her questionable career choices. What she isn’t expecting, is her brother to have cold feet. With only 72 hours until the wedding, the two embark on a road trip, each looking for answers about love, truth and happy endings.

(5) Hello, Sunshine

Sunshine Mackenzie is a beloved culinary star with millions of fans and a line of bestselling cookbooks. Her husband is loving and supports all her ideas. She basically has it all, until she gets hacked. The secrets that are revealed cost her everything—her husband, her show, her fans, and even her apartment. Forced to move back to her childhood home with her estranged sister, Sunshine must find a new way of shining her light, and it just might save her life.

(4) The First Husband

Annie Adams thinks she finally has found a bit of happiness at thirty-two. Her travel column allows her to visit the world’s most interesting places, and she comfortably cohabitates with her movie director boyfriend, Nick. But when Nick comes home after a therapy session wanting to take a break and pursue someone from his past, Annie is left shattered and confused. When she meets Griffin at the neighborhood bar, he is exactly what she didn’t know she was looking for and three months later, they are married. Has Annie found the happiness she’s been looking for this time?

(3) Eight Hundred Grapes

When Georgia Ford, bride-to-be, finds out that her fiancé has been keeping a secret just a week before their big day, she drives through the night to her family home and their acclaimed winery. Georgia is sure that familiar family rituals during the last harvest, best of the growing season, will bring her solace. But when she arrives, everything is amiss. The business, her parents, and even her brothers all feel unfamiliar, making her question if her fiancé isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets.

(2) The Last Thing He Told Me

Protect her. That’s what the note that Owen Michaels smuggles to his wife of one year before he disappears. His beloved wife, Hannah, devastated and confused, knows exactly who Owen is talking about: his sixteen-year-old daughter, Bailey, who lost her mother as a child and wants nothing to do with her new stepmom. As things unfold, Hannah starts to realize she may not have known her husband after all, and that Bailey may hold the key to finding out the truth. As the two put together pieces of Owen’s past, they begin to look towards an unexpected future.

(1) The Divorce Party

When should you fight to save a relationship, and when should you let go? This is the same question that two different women are asking: one about to start a marriage, and one about to end one. A deeply moving multi-generational story about love, lies, sex and Hampton’s high society, The Divorce Party is an honest portrait of how love binds us together-and drives us apart.