‘Tis the season to read cozy holiday stories. Whether it’s a romance of the Hallmark variety or murder mystery, pack your end of the year with these wonderful wintertime reads.

The Wake-up Call

The Wake-Up Call by Beth O’Leary

In the midst of the bustling holiday season, Forest Manor Hotel is on the verge of collapse. Assigned to the same front desk shift, Izzy and Lucas, sworn adversaries, reluctantly join forces to prevent the hotel’s demise before Christmas. As they embark on a quest to retrieve lost wedding rings and secure a reward that could be the hotel’s salvation, their animosity transforms into a complex relationship, raising questions about whether they can navigate the season with their emotions unscathed.

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Snow Place Like Home

Snow Place Like Home by Lacey Baker

Returning home for the holidays after a prolonged absence, Ella uncovers the key to a future filled with joy by immersing herself in her past. Having avoided her hometown and festive seasons for nearly ten years, Ella, now jobless, finds herself reluctantly planning the town’s Christmas tree auction alongside her first love, Seth. Despite their history, Seth, a widowed music teacher, insists on preserving his late wife’s vision for the event, leading Ella and him to strike a deal that intertwines their differing ideas about Christmas, sparking a possibility of a new beginning.

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Murder on the Christmas Express

Murder on the Christmas Express by Alexandra Benedict

Now out on paperback, Murder on the Christmas Express will give you Agatha Christie vibes for the holidays. Embarking on a perilous journey, passengers aboard a sleeper train risk eternal slumber as they succumb to an ominous threat. The derailment of the London-to-Highlands Christmas Eve train disrupts the holiday plans of its travelers, leaving them stranded in the snow-covered wilderness, where not everyone will survive to celebrate. In the midst of a murderer targeting passengers, former Met Detective Roz Parker undertakes a final investigation, navigating the challenge of solving a locked-room homicide as accusations divide the group, and unexpected alliances emerge.

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It's a Fabulous Life

It’s a Fabulous Life by Kelly Farmer

In this sapphic retelling of the holiday classic, readers get all the warm and fuzzies. Finally ready to embark on a long-delayed trip to New York City and leave behind the responsibilities in Lanford Falls, Bailey George’s plans change when the Winter Wonderfest volunteer leader faces a medical emergency. Despite her initial reluctance, Bailey steps back into her old role, not wanting to disappoint the town or her loved ones. As she encounters her high school crush, Maria Hatcher, who injects holiday cheer into her grinchy sentiments, Bailey’s perspective on Lanford Falls shifts with the help of drag queen Clara Angel, who reveals the Christmas town’s potential for magic and hope, challenging Bailey to reconsider her dreams and embrace the true holiday spirit.

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Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect by E.F. Dodd

In the quest for a Christmas wish, Dave Richardson finds himself yearning for Vivian Walters. Returning to his hometown and settling into a bartending job was not part of Dave’s anticipated life path, but everything changes when Vivian enters his bar on a Wednesday night. Although aware that Vivian might see their connection as a brief encounter, Dave realizes that to maintain a relationship with someone like her, he must swiftly transform into the man he aspired to be. On the other hand, Vivian, a checklist enthusiast, faces a dilemma as her perfectly planned life clashes with the unexpected allure of a weekend fling with the charismatic bartender.

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The Trouble with Tinsel

The Trouble with Tinsel by Juliet Giglio and Keith Giglio

Experiencing the enchantment of a Hollywood Christmas becomes a reality for former screenwriting partners Kerri Williams and Jon Romano, who, after a professional and personal breakup, must collaborate again when an old script gets the green light. Leaving her teaching life in Brooklyn, Kerri heads back to sunny Hollywood for December, working alongside her past love to complete the film. To appease the movie’s star, Amari Rivers, who believes they’re engaged, Kerri and Jon feign affection, reigniting long-buried emotions and prompting them to ponder if this Christmas could mark the beginning of their own happily-ever-after.

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The Holiday Mix-Up

The Holiday Mix-Up by Ginny Baird

Facing a lonely Christmas, waitress Katie Smith, harboring a significant crush on diner patron Juan Martinez, seizes the opportunity when he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for his family’s winery festivities. However, when Juan falls into a coma after revealing the faux relationship to his family, Katie hesitates to confess the truth as the Martinezes warmly embrace her. Complicating matters, Juan’s brother, Mateo, grows fond of Katie, leading to a tug-of-war between familial tradition, hidden secrets, and the possibility of a Christmas miracle as Juan’s awakening looms.

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The Christmas Checklist

The Christmas Checklist by Lisa Hepner

While this book came out last year, the movie is now streaming on Amazon. And we all know, the book is always better! When Emily’s mother passes, she leaves behind a list of twelve to-do’s she wants her daughter to accomplish before Christmas. She enlists the help of freelance writer, Noah, and attempts to fulfill her late mother’s wish while dealing with love, betrayal and grief.

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The Christmas Fix

The Christmas Fix by Lucy Score

Readers get a double dose of Lucy Score this year with her bestselling series and this delightful holiday read. Your seasonal mulled wine won’t be the only thing that’s spicy this winter. Determined to rescue Merry, Connecticut’s Christmas festival, Cat King faces a major obstacle in the form of the irritable town manager, Noah Yates. As a devoted single father, Noah finds himself grappling with the aftermath of a late-season hurricane that devastates the town he holds dear. When home renovation expert Catalina King arrives with a TV crew and ample funds to restore the town, Noah, wary of a celebrity’s influence on his daughter, clashes with the underestimated blonde bombshell, sparking a conflict that may jeopardize their chances of orchestrating a Christmas miracle.

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Mistletoe and Mishgas

Mistletoe & Mishigas by M.A. Wardell

Despite facing a slew of challenges, including a last-minute school transfer and the revelation of his twin sister concealing an invitation to his ex-boyfriend’s Christmas Eve wedding, Sheldon Soleskin remains optimistic and ready to embrace the world. Meanwhile, custodian Theo Berenson, longing for solitude in his custodial duties, reluctantly assists the cheerful new first-grade teacher with moving furniture. As the two opposites collaborate and agree to be each other’s dates for upcoming events, their friendship blossoms, but with past issues resurfacing, they must navigate a holiday masquerade to determine if their connection can withstand the challenges.

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Holiday Star by Dr. Melissa Dymond

Whether you’re feeling sweet or spicy, this is the holiday read for you. With two version depending on your romance taste, everyone can get on board with Holiday Star. Celebrating a less-than-jolly Christmas alone while house-sitting for her mother and stepfather, Dr. Gwen Wright’s meticulously ordered life takes an unexpected turn when Hollywood heartthrob Caleb Lawson, fleeing paparazzi and secrets, crashes into her kitchen. As the stepdad’s nephew, Caleb asserts his right to stay, prompting a clash with Gwen, who views him as a mere squatter in her domain. Despite their differences, the close quarters lead to an undeniable attraction, leaving Gwen wondering if they can navigate the foggy future of Christmas Eve and bridge the gap between her ordinary world and Caleb’s star-studded life.

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